Revising Bernie Sanders’s Concession Speech

The excerpt for this Revision is taken from Senator Bernie Sanders’s concession speech given from his home in Burlington, Vermont via live stream on April 8, 2020.

BERNIE SANDERS: Together we have transformed American consciousness as to what kind of nation we can become, and have taken this country a major step forward in the never-ending struggle for economic justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice.

Michael Richardson-Borne: There is no such thing as “American consciousness,” there is only American mind. Consciousness cannot be transformed. That which is both the story and the story’s visibility is an immovable structure that allows trappings like “American” to have a place to rest. The structure is permanent, the trappings can be maneuvered while ignoring the structure. Ignoring the structure must be the case if you are to take phrases like “American consciousness” seriously.

As I sit here right now, the best way I can describe what I’m pointing to is “stillness as movement.” That sounds like a contradiction, I know. But as you move from personal experience to impersonal experience to impersonal existence, you will notice the stillness under the frenetic and then move on to become the life inside the stillness and the frenetic as existence itself. It’s mastering this progression that reveals what I’m talking about. It’s what I call taking The Path of Non-separation.

It can be difficult to put this progression into terms that are more scientific and less poetic. That said, I consider The Path of Non-separation scientific to the bone. The experiences are as distinct and definable as a neurotransmitter and synapse. They are “flat” scientific happenings, as tangible as experiencing your knee jump when a doctor tests your reflexes.

It isn’t difficult for you to locate your personal experience – what you call American consciousness reveals this. Being American and having an American consciousness is unquestioned by all citizens of the US and allows you to speak in terms such as this without people batting an eye. You are interpreted by your proponents as having great clarity in regard to changing the outcomes of a flawed system whereas I see someone who has great confusion about how a separative system is created and what it takes to transform, rather than translate, it.

You share the assumption that all Americans share – the belief in a Separate Self that accepts the label “American” as a definition for the totality of its experience. When the totality of personal experience is American, it seems like the totality of a personal consciousness is American – which is a case of mistaken identity and a self-imposed limitation of consciousness. This mistake is the true American dilemma – a mistake made by citizens who create both the right and wrong sides of history.

Right now, your political movement isn’t about uncovering identity confusion, it’s about championing a claim of identity clarity while under the influence of confusion. It’s just another voice in what I call the Culture of Separation. Instead of internal realization that reckons with the Separate Self before external action, your campaign is an external realization of injustice calling for immediate external action. It’s not wise to skip the first step of a recipe and expect dinner to come out edible – which is to say you are still engaging a separative perspective that can only bring separative solutions that energize the Culture of Separation.

So, in essence, you jumped the gun – and instead of stopping to return to the origin of the race, you continued to run until you were completely off the track and even out of the stadium. Today, the race is long over. Yet you continue to hustle as if the race is still going and actually real. This is why the revolution you have sought for your entire career keeps eluding you. There is an experience that must occur before the revolution can begin. But what is it?

It’s what I call impersonal experience – an experience that Americans have yet to have, an experience that hides behind the stories that make up the Separate Self, an experience that makes the Separate Self or “being American” possible. Impersonal experience is freedom from the limitation of all things personal – it frees you from the Separate Self, it frees you from being American in the old sense so that a new America can be born.

Impersonal experience doesn’t mean “not close” or isn’t something like a relationship with a co-worker that is casual or “not personal.” The Impersonal is an internal experience of your personal story that makes the Separate Self a mere aspect of your mental landscape, one that is minuscule and light as a feather rather than the totality of your mind. The Impersonal appears when the Separate Self is questioned to the point where the origin of the Separate Self shifts and the attachment to identity stories is recontextualized in a way that empowers you to relate as the undefinable. It’s an experience immediately recognized when the “background” that the Separate Self happened to becomes the core of your identity.

Impersonal experience is not being detached – it’s a greater intimacy with the personal, now in full view and related with from the outside as well as dynamically experienced from the inside. The personal experience of being American is still present, but the presence of this American story is an impersonal arising in the mind viewed from a storyless impersonal experience.

But again, impersonal experience is hidden by the Culture of Separation and very few people in America know they can search for it. It’s like an unknown treasure buried on an unknown planet. And so movements like yours are led down a rabbit hole of separation destined to undergo disappointment as separative hope becomes separative deflation – or if you happen to meet your goals, hope becomes separative paranoia as required from winners who now have to protect their new gains in the viperish Culture of Separation. What you call a major step forward is an imaginary transformation of consciousness perpetuating the separation that comes with a separative identity blinded by the story of being American. Remaining American in a personal sense creates the never-ending reason for the “never-ending struggle.”

Think about the life cycle of a field of flowers. Thousands of flowers blossom and the story of the field changes. But the field itself is always the life cycle that lives the flowers of the field as its impersonal existence. In The Path of Non-separation, this is explained by saying thousands of personal attributes are lived into being and the story of the Separate Self changes. But the Separate Self is always Non-separation that lives the personal attributes of the Separate Self as impersonal existence – or better yet as existence itself.

It will take great courage to shift your movement to target the core of the system. But if it’s social change that you truly want, if you truly want to transform the American mind, an impersonal experience of America is the beginning of this process. Without this initial experience, any social change movement has the strength of a stray plastic bag rolling like a tumbleweed in the wind.

BERNIE SANDERS CONT’D: As many of you will recall, Nelson Mandela, one of the great freedom fighters in modern world history, famously said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” And what he meant by that is that the greatest obstacle to reach social change has everything to do with the power of the corporate and political establishment to limit our vision as to what is possible and what we are entitled to as human beings.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Freedom fighters are rebels seeking to free people into a new dominant narrative – which is just an overthrow of one illusion for another.

The situation is like an easel balancing a canvas that sits in the corner of a room – an easel you want to reposition to a different room with more sunlight. Despite your intentions and as hard as you try, you still can’t figure out how to create movement because instead of focusing on the easel, you focus on the canvas. Your desire is to add a few brushstrokes of color, covering a bit of the old paint, while hoping the easel will move with the friction of your brushstrokes.

Once the new color is added to construct the image you had in mind, you discover that although you’ve won an apparent victory, the easel remains in the same darkened room – now presenting what you perceive as a better painting. If you hear what I’m saying, you can easily spot how dysfunctional this mental framework is – painting a canvas will never pick up an easel. Yet every generation of change-makers attempts the same method of repainting the canvas as a means to move it to a different room.

This cycle of changing images without foundational movement is what you find in the Culture of Separation – the fractured system we live in that’s built on the assumption of a Separate Self.

To continue with our story, the assumption of a Separate Self is the canvas and the paints are the stories that give the Separate Self color. As I said earlier, to move beyond the assumption of separation, you must experience the shift of the Separate Self from a personal experience to an impersonal one – which is to say that you must see that brush strokes are coloring a canvas that needs an underlying support for its proper presentation.

To move the canvas, you must find what is holding it. Similarly, to move the Separate Self, you must find what is “underneath” it, what it rests in. Locating this impersonal experience allows you to see that personal change, the addition of new stories to the definition of the Separate Self, only causes separation to thicken – just as painting over an image on a canvas time and time again creates a thicker and thicker impasto. Thickening paint was never intended to move an easel. For movement to occur, you must see beyond your desire to paint in a way that widens your aperture enough to notice the legs of the easel under the canvas. Once you actually see the easel, picking it up and moving it to a new room is a simple task.

The same goes for the Separate Self. Once you see the impersonal experience that’s supporting it, separation is easily moved around in a vast field like a decorative object.

So paint over the image on the canvas as many times as you want – it leads nowhere. The only revolution left is to turn within and question the Separate Self until you go deep enough to remember Non-separation. Changing the narrative has nothing to do with the total freedom from narrative. Social change as incremental shifts of story rather than the overthrow (and then re-embrace) of story is the limitation of America’s vision.

BERNIE SANDERS CONT’D: If there was ever a moment where we had to effectively analyze the competing political and social forces which define this historical period, this is that time.

Michael Richardson-Borne: I agree. Every historical period has been and is that time. But every instance a group of American reformers has sat down to take a good hard look at the social makeup of society, it has started with the assumption of a Separate Self.

Rather than questioning and seeing through this assumption as the starting point for effective analyzation, this first step is skipped to get to what is considered the important part – devising a plan. It isn’t understood that devising a plan will never hold the solution you seek without pausing long enough to turn within until there’s an understanding of Non-separation.

We live in a world where history is the primary text and turning within to seek Non-separation is a small footnote within this history.

For this historical period, analyzation is being called to realize that Non-separation is the primary text and historical happenings are the small footnotes within this realization.

Effective analyzation is beyond external maneuvering and surface-level psychologizing. Analyzation must begin and end as a spontaneous application of Non-separation.

BERNIE SANDERS CONT’D: If there was ever a moment when we needed to stand up and fight against the forces of oligarchy and authoritarianism, this is that time.

Michael Richardson-Borne: No solution will ever arise outside the realization of Non-separation. So, sadly, it’s too early for this fight. This means time is of the essence as the Culture of Separation hovers on the brink of an unimaginable disaster.

Just as with effective analyzation, the fight against oligarchy and authoritarianism begins as an internal battle with the Separate Self. There is no way around this. The sooner this is accepted, the sooner you can get to the real work at hand.

BERNIE SANDERS CONT’D: And, if there was ever a moment when we needed a new vision to bring our people together in the fight for justice, decency, and human dignity, this is that time.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Justice, decency, and human dignity cannot arise from the fetid swamp of separation. In this swamp of the Separate Self, justice becomes something that has to be fought for or obtained. Decency becomes a choice between separative options and loses its ability to be spontaneously lived. Human dignity becomes an illusion disconnected from the source of human dignity – what I call Non-separation.

A new vision is more than creating another spin on the reality of a Separate Self. Having another goal, another narrative to accomplish, another light at the end of the tunnel is destined to fall flat. And even if part of the new narrative is brought to pass, the accomplishments will one day be rolled back or extended into a new separative story called progress. This is the nature of the Culture of Separation.

A new vision must be one that authentically fits the description – it must be one that lives outside the limitations of story. It must come from the depths of your birthright, the remembrance of who you are before claims of nationality. It must come from the impersonal existence of being that lives both your personal and impersonal experiences of being American. Anything else is the old vision of separation.

BERNIE SANDERS CONT’D: While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us that “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” The fight for justice is what our campaign has been about. The fight for justice is what our movement remains about.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The arc of the moral universe can only be bent and shortened when the fight for justice is both being and becoming a lived invitation to Non-separation.

Revising Trump’s Rally Speech in Dallas, Texas

The excerpt for this Revision is taken from United States President Donald Trump’s Rally Speech given in Dallas, Texas, on October 17, 2019.

DONALD TRUMP: The do nothing democrats have betrayed our country and that great betrayal is over. We’re finally again putting America first. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: Your accusations of betrayal are pointing in the wrong direction. Instead of looking in the mirror and questioning why your desire is to “do something” in opposition to imagined betrayal, you unknowingly point at a scarecrow of your own making that rests in a field of wheat you believe is outside of yourself. This scarecrow, the source of fear, the true act of betrayal enacted upon yourself, the only instance of betrayal in the Culture of Separation, is an identity story that keeps you, and those around you, fantasizing about being vulnerable independent extractions from the whole.

Can you remember who sewed the flannel shirt? Who placed the button eyes? Who dropped the felt top-hat on a makeshift head? Who bent the red string into a crooked smile? All of these fashion statements were crafted by you, products of your imagination, meant to keep the birds of your true being off of what you perceive to be the most valuable thing you own – your Separate Self.

This Separate Self is a bouquet of dead cornstalks you coronate as the source of your livelihood when it’s just the locus of your pain and habitual venom – a misalignment with Non-separation that is nothing but self-betrayal. Continuing to animate this scarecrow, your lust for force fools you into believing in separative power, starving the birds who hunger for their true nature.

These birds of Non-separation, a perfect symbol for the mass of people who follow your lead, are inviting you to wake up from your separative dream that brokers starvation, that executes buy and sell orders for that which starves the cultural ecosystem as well. By denying your true being, the life you lead against groups of others is one of self-imposed emaciation, you’re locked in a refugee camp kept from the nutrition that only knowing the Impersonal existence of life itself can provide.

What this analogy highlights is in order to put America first, you must discover the identity of who America is from the inside. You must discover how the idea of being American is a scarecrow fooling you into keeping away from a deeper sustenance. To put America first is to find the courage to confront the scarecrow, to make the turn within, to begin the path of re-becoming the Impersonal existence that is Non-separation.

If you take this journey, it will still be an American one – one that reveals the mechanics of the separative stories that impersonally happened to you to make you American. Your journey will reveal the reason why you dried a straw body and placed it in a lonely patch of grain as a symbol of needless isolation.

Since the story of America is what I call a “psychological laggard,” a fleeting mental object observed by that which is before it, it can only exist as a secondary object disconnected from the space that allows the story to arise. Can you locate the gap between the observed, the observer, and that which lives both? If not, ignoring this disconnection is the original betrayal that makes all other betrayals possible. Being blind to this has led you to live in a separative state (both mental and political) – one that has forgotten Non-separation.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: The radical Democrats want to destroy America as we know it. They want to indoctrinate our children and teach them that America is a sinful, wicked nation. You see that happening all the time. And I know it from personal experience. What they want to teach your kids, not good. They come home, mommy, daddy, this is what I learned. And you’re going, oh no, don’t tell me. Let’s get them into another school fast. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: There is nothing radical in the Culture of Separation – Democrats and Republicans are both staunch conservatives participating in the conservation of the unspoken agreement on the solidity of the Separate Self. Radical implies “outside the norm” – and with the entire country firmly entrenched in the status quo illusion of separate autonomous action, any sort of perceived radicalness is just a watered-down version of your Original Story of separation, the “I am.” Changing from conservative “this” to radical “that” can not be radical when both concepts have a belief in separation at their bases. All changes in the Culture of Separation are more accurately called “this” to “this” whether the change in separative story is considered radical or not. Look “under” the word radical and the story of radicalness, and what do you find?

Rather than pressing yourself and others deeper into a dream-world, you can locate the only act that is truly radical in the Culture of Separation – breaking free from the Separate Self and becoming an invitation to Non-separation. How do you do this? First, you must turn within and discover the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a Separate Self. Then, you must uncover the fact that the experience of your Separate Self can be questioned. Questioning the Separate Self puts you on the Path of Non-separation.

Following this path, you will find your life can exist as a question rather than a statement. What happens when stories such as “being radical” cease to be statements that are “stuck” to self-created others and become questions about the nature of separation that these stories “cause?” What happens when a high alert defense of a Separate Self is replaced with curiosity? What happens when constriction reverses course and starts to flow into a larger space rather than simply rolling in a pre-ordained groove?

If you figure this out for yourself, you will begin to understand what it means to be radical. But until we all do this, “America as we know it” will continue to whimper along as a nation duped by the Separate Self. The people of America will maintain the global status quo no matter how they choose to know a country that, at its core, isn’t something that can hold definition. Labeling America from a separative perspective is what makes it a sinful, wicked nation – whether these labels come from Democrats, Republicans, or anything else on the political spectrum.

This is not something you can understand through “personal experience” – personal experience is not the known unless you are aware of it arising in and as the unknown. There is nothing you can know from personal experience other than a carnival act that seduces you away from alignment with Impersonal existence.

Personal experience is the way of not knowing. Impersonal experience is the way of knowing what was formerly thought to be known. Impersonal existence is the movement living the way of knowing. Impersonal existence is Non-separation.

As America functions today, everything our kids learn in school is built on the assumption of the totality of personal experience. At each grade level, all the way up to university and beyond, students are given a new set of glasses – but the existence of the eyes looking through them remains a secret. This is the travesty of American education.

The possibility of teaching our children about personal experience within the context of Impersonal existence is not explored in the Culture of Separation. It is possible to allow the free-flow of the particulars that develop personality without making the conditions that create this personality the totality of their life experience. This possibility is an unknown in American education. The invitation I am making is treated as just another “philosophy” to be thrown into the pigpen of separation to get muddied as a “radical idea.”

Until we can differentiate philosophies of education from Non-separation, the fear that surrounds the indoctrination of our children will continue to be present.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: They want to disarm law abiding citizens. They want to take your guns away. They want to install far left judges to shred our constitution. They want to tear down symbols of faith and drive Christians and religious believers from the public square. They want to silence your voices on social media and they want the government to censor, muzzle, and shut down conservative voices. You know that.

Michael Richardson-Borne: A belief in the stories that define “me” pushes a “they” into the field. It’s like squeezing a banana in your hand. Some of the fruit remains stuck within your tightened fist while the fragments that escape fall onto the floor. By becoming detached in this way, a new story is added to the fragments like “dirty” or “inedible” – which separates them from what once had a singular definition. A “they” is created – they (the fragments) are on the floor, dirty, and inedible.

Believing in a Separate Self is the reflex that squeezes your identity into self and other. What was once whole becomes disconnected from the world around it. Then, you forget that your fist is clinched and live life with this tension of separation as if it’s a given.

So, all that you speak of is a misunderstanding of the pronoun “they.” The perceived immediacy of your experience blinds you by making you forget what is before the immediate – you are confusing “late mental movements” as an undoubtedly whole experience when these movements are actually a fragmentation that produces a fictional “they” for your fractional stories to be projected upon.

The same goes for the pronouns “we” and “I” – they are both products of imagining your personal separation from the Impersonal existence of Non-separation. I is the origin of fear. We is the origin of suffering. They is the origin of violence, a reflection of I and a projection of we – all three of which are shadows of Non-separation.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: If they didn’t hate our country, they wouldn’t be doing this to our country. As an example, we’re building a great wall along the Southern border and it’s going up rapidly. Going up. And you know, five years ago almost every one of them wanted a wall until I came along and I said, we’re going to build a great wall because they could never get it done. Then they stopped the funding. They made it almost impossible.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The great wall was built long ago. But it was built inside of you – a wall that separates you from your true being.

A concrete wall along the Southern border is more about keeping the Separate Self enclosed than about keeping a collection of others out.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: But no matter how hard they try, they will fail because the people of Texas and the people of America will never surrender our freedom to those people right there. We will stand strong for family, faith, God, and for country.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The Separate Self cannot surrender something it doesn’t have. Freedom is remembering Non-separation, not protecting a preferred narrative of separation.

It is possible to stand weak for the stories you are peddling – but strength only comes from the remembrance of Non-separation.

Revising Joe Biden’s Campaign Speech in Philadelphia

The excerpt below was taken from former Vice President and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign announcement speech given in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 18, 2019.

JOE BIDEN: Look, the reason we’re here is because, in a literal sense, this was the birthplace of our democracy. It was here, over — the fact is two of the most important documents not only in our history, but in the history of the world were written right here. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self- evident.” These words, these words are the basis for the American creed — equality, equity, fairness, decency. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: The reason you were there is unknown in all ways except as a story that accepts the reality of “here and there” backed up by and connected to a story of personal “truth” – which is backed up by and connected to an assumption of separation. “Here and there” requires the position of an individual separated from the “here and there” around it, a story called “the outside world.” Truth is a separative story that defines an underlying narrative of autonomous individuality, the final stand of personal experience. This comprehensive bundle of identity stories is the experience of a Separate Self. You can know this by questioning the nature of separation, what I call the Path of Non-separation – a journey that can lead you to experience the Impersonal and to remember your non-separative existence, the totality of the known that lives in and as the vast field of the unknown.

The totality of the known is called history. The vast field of the unknown is called impersonal consciousness or impersonal experience. The history of impersonal experience is an impersonal existence. The impersonal existence of history that includes history is called Non-separation.  

Being lived as Non-separation, it is understood that the mind can only know its own reflection. Though thought to be the collective outcomes of individuals divided from the totality taking personal action through personal choices that are also divided from the totality, history and the divisions it imposes as autonomous movements that create history are still not separate. All histories of the world are accepted as primary texts when they’re footnotes of Non-separation. This confusion of the Separate Self’s mind unknowingly denies that history is lived as an impersonal existence that animates both the impersonal and personal experiences that constitute history. The mind is a reflection of the mind – a split that is lived as Non-separation.

So the reason you are there in Philadelphia is an impersonal one that leaves the awareness of the personal intact – an awareness that understands the Separate Self happened to you and brought the potential for “reasons” with it. Before the conceptual birth of the individual, life happened and was naturally left as such – there was no need for “reasons” because life carried on exactly as it would. After the conceptual birth of the individual, it became possible to forget this “suchness” and to be sucked into a personal world where you gained control of something that was not yours to control. You turned yourself inside out, manifested division and fear, and learned how to live in your imagination in a way that denies the “suchness” living your new-found personal experience of separation. The truth of your being was left at the altar in exchange for a false sense of self-authorship. In this moment, life is still carrying on exactly as it will – but now there is a wall of concepts between a personal “you” and the impersonal space that makes room for this “you.”

This loss of “suchness” is not mandatory after the Separate Self comes into being. It is just the simple result of forgetting (or not noticing) who you were before you became isolated as who you are not.

After the remembrance of Non-separation, reasons for being are just pacifiers for the constant cry of the Separate Self – a concept that cannot accept “just being,” an open space where the thinking mind is but a faint echo that doesn’t require the 24/7 surveillance that you give it. You bless the mind with an importance that is uncalled for, constantly worrying about it “getting away” from you – so you keep it in a prison where the story you have about yourself is the security guard. This leaves your Separate Self locked in prison as well, hypervigilant, mentally exhausted, and separated whether you realize it or not. You can’t accept “just being,” the relaxation that frees you from the prison of the mind and brings the prisoner with it.

Also, when you can’t accept “just being,” it gives the security guard a ball and chain that is not able to accept “being just,” as the only “just action” is the questioning of the Separate Self – a questioning that becomes a conduit offering a life that is lived as an invitation to Non-separation. “Being just” is the lived existence where a Separate Self is just another object, another story. It’s the lived existence that has become the application of the realization of Non-separation. This is what I call Applied Awakening.

And the only way to get to real democracy is Applied Awakening. Democracy is not a system of government in which the whole population or their elected officials run a country as a Culture of Separation in the name of freedom. Democracy cannot be created or guided by a collection of Separate Selves as real democracy is an effortless arising when the total culture is lived as an invitation to Non-separation.

In our current sovereign state of so-called democracy, you are governed by the authoritarian power of the Separate Self. You are governed by a collection of people or representatives who are still attached to the primary assumption of humanity – which is the belief in a Separate Self. A democracy of Applied Awakening sees through the fiction of the Separate Self and arrives at the impersonal governing principles aligned with Non-separation – principles that keep the system and culture alive rather than choking it off with personal and bureaucratic nooses of separation. In a world where the Separate Self is unreal, a pre-existing unity is lived into being as a natural, spontaneous movement. When relationships are no longer viewed as two separate autonomous entities agreeing or conflicting, when it is remembered that all parties of all relationships are being lived as the effortless movement of Non-separation, then these relationships are free to align with Non-separation in every moment naturally – and the “outcomes” reveal a self-rightening pattern that disarms partisan warfare.

When all governmental decisions are “hands-off” rather than deliberately manipulated toward the specific ends desired by a Separate Self, the truth of Non-separation is revealed as that which is beyond personal consciousness, an impersonal existence of being that includes the personal.

So the documents to which you refer are mere translations of separation. The founding fathers who wrote these documents were not aligned expressions of Non-separation. They believed in the freedom, unity, and common purpose of a collection of separated individuals congealed by a common story of separation called America (most of whom were wealthy and white.)

Despite their “good intentions,” as a collective body, they had no choice but to create documents just as separative as any other historical document – the Separate Self, or a collection of Separate Selves, can only give birth to more separation. And the history of the United States proves this. The only way past all of the divisions within domestic and foreign policy is first, questioning the Separate Self and second, remembering Non-separation – which is the self-rightening movement that exposes the fictional stories that currently organize local and global culture.

So in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was the declaration of a new story of separation. The proclaimed self-evident truths were evident to the Separate Self. As Non-separation, these same truths are evident as separative constructs constructed by and as that which is not evident to you.

JOE BIDEN CONT’D: America didn’t live up to the promise for most of the people at the time, for people of color, for women. But we were born of an idea that every single solitary person, given half a chance, no matter where they’re from, given half a chance, there is not a single thing they cannot do if they work at it. Nothing is beyond their capacity. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: How quickly you gloss over the separative treatment of women and people of color. Rather than immediately jumping to the celebration of opportunity, why don’t we pause and ask why these original separations occurred in the first place? What was it within “the founders” that left people of color and women out of the equation? What was it that brought this separation into being? Why is working toward “inclusion” not the same as remembering Non-separation?

Racism and sexism are separative identifications with a story of advantage over “others.” On the flip side, Non-separation is the removal of fear of losing advantage because advantage only exists in a world where “others” exist. Applied Awakening holds gender and race as the stories they are – there are no “others,” there are only stories of “others” that are all expressions of Non-separation, knowingly or not.

The application of the remembrance of Non-separation is “under” these stories of gender and race, so to speak. And “seeing under” these stories empowers actions and behaviors that are not possible by people who remain embedded in a Separate Self. Living as a Separate Self is to live in a world where sexism and racism are always implicit. Being lived as an invitation to Non-separation, race and gender become conceptual aspects of a pre-existing unity that “meets people” in a contextless context.

Again, the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a Separate Self. When this assumption lives at the foundation of cultural and systemic unfolding, the flux of separation is the guiding principle of the human world. Even in a pluralistic society, without the remembrance of Non-separation, the movement of the system is one generated by the misaligned nature of the Separate Self.

Ask yourself why you celebrate the value of hard work in the external world rather than value the hard work of questioning the Separate Self in your internal world. Ask yourself where this lack of questioning continues to lead the United States and the world. Without this questioning, is it truly possible to get out of the current global condition or circumstance? Will changes in policy steeped in the Separate Self make a difference?

JOE BIDEN CONT’D: That’s who we are. And in 1887 — 1787, the United States Constitution, “We,” “We the people.” These words changed everything. Power rested in the people, not the government. Freedom to think, to speak, to act, to criticize your government, all protected. We, we became the model for the world. In both documents, there is a singular word, “We.” “We hold these truths self-evident.” “We the people.” Both.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Who you claim we are is exactly who we are not. We are not separative stories unified around a common story of personal beingness that has forgotten the Non-separative nature of the mind. We are not individuals with the freedom to criticize, speak, and act – this kind of thinking is to build a damn in front of freedom. Who we are is the impersonal existence of being that includes the story of freedom – which is Non-separation.

The problem is that we, collectively, just aren’t in touch with our true being. We are a people who aren’t brave enough to question separation at its core or to pierce the lie that drives the world of fantasy reflected back to us every day. We are a people who fail to understand the “we” you speak of is an illusion that further divides us, not brings us together.

Two separate autonomous individuals misaligned with Non-separation can never be a “we.” So, “we the people” is an illusion because “we” is an illusion.  How can a mirage of “we” govern anything except a collective mirage of “we?” “We the people” of separation with our separative voices are no different than an autocrat claiming separative rule with a single separative voice that attempts to stifle the voices of the masses committed to the Separate Self. Either form of government is an expression of the Culture of Separation. This must be understood before global governance can make any sort of change. And the only change begins with the questioning of the Separate Self and “ends” with the remembrance of Non-separation.

JOE BIDEN CONT’D: We have got to remember this, both were statements of a common purpose, a common purpose of one people, one nation. Our Constitution doesn’t begin with the phrase, “We the Democrats” or “We the Republicans.” And it certainly doesn’t begin with the phrase, “We the Donors.” 

Michael Richardson-Borne: The only remembrance that is needed is Non-separation. From here, it is realized that “common purpose,” “one people,” and “one nation” are all activities of the Culture of Separation.

Remembering Non-separation is the only way to truly see through the mechanism whereby people attach to labels like Democrat and Republican and Donor. Understanding how stories like political party define your original sense of individual beingness leads you to shift your identity from secondary stories of attachment to the primary story of beingness that happened to you. From here, you can remember that personal beingness is an impersonal experience and that this impersonal experience is actually an underlying impersonal existence that I call Non-separation.

This may seem like pie in the sky drivel – but have the fortitude to take a look for yourself and discover if you come to the same lived experience, the same realization.

JOE BIDEN CONT’D: Look, it began with the phrase that stands for we are all in this together. We need to remember that today I think more than any time in my career. Our politics has become so mean, so petty, so negative, so partisan, so angry, and so unproductive. So unproductive. Instead of debating our opponents, we demonize them. Instead of questioning judgments, we question their motives. Instead of listening, we shout. Instead of looking for solutions, we look to score political points. 

Michael Richardson-Borne : We are not “all in this together.” We are all utterly alone, stuck in our separation. The pain of not clearly seeing this creates a world where we have to strive and make an effort to come together in order to solve external problems that do not exist outside of us. “Togetherness” only brings separation in contact with separation – so all solutions offered to the problems within politics remain products of the Separate Self. They’re solutions that kick the can of separation down the road a bit just to be kicked again at a later date.

What you are defining here is the Culture of Separation, the culture that believes and protects the Separate Self. If you move beyond the Separate Self, your referenced behaviors would not be something for individuals to change so much as something that’s fully expected when people do not accurately question the foundation of who they think they are.

JOE BIDEN CONT’D: This politics is pulling us apart. It’s ripping this country apart at the seams. Our politicians, our politics today, traffics in division, and our president is the divider in chief. 

Michael Richardson-Borne : Politics is a symptom – the stories that make it up are already pulled apart before the pulling apart you mention takes effect. Politics is a further division of the first division, a division that happened to you, one that caused blindness to the pre-existing unity living all of us. Politics is a myth that’s given a reality that isn’t its own. Politics can never be owned by the stories that believe in it. The Separate Self cannot own anything, not even the separation that bends possibility away from who you truly are. The Separate Self is the divider in chief – no matter if it’s believed in by a president, a presidential candidate or the governed, the division enacted is all from the same source, a source whose true being has been forgotten.

JOE BIDEN CONT’D: It comes at a gigantic cost. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, it comes at a gigantic cost. It weakens us. It distracts us. It divides us. It causes us to lose credibility around the world. It picks at the wound, and it solves nothing. This is not who we are. This is not who we are.

Michael Richardson-Borne : Forgetting the impersonal nature of Non-separation that lives the personal experience of who we think we are comes at a gigantic cost – the perpetuation of the Culture of Separation.

So you are correct. This is not who we are. But changing who we are has nothing to do with changing behaviors. It has everything to do with turning your Separate Self over to that which will change your behaviors for you. This change brings to life a lived invitation to Non-separation.

Revising Trump’s Comments to the Venezuelan Community

The excerpt below was taken from United States President Donald Trump’s speech to the Venezuelan American Community at Florida International University on February 18, 2019.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP:  For decades, the socialist dictatorships of Cuba and Venezuela have propped each other up in a very corrupt bargain.  Venezuela gave Cuba oil.  In return, Cuba gave Venezuela a police state run directly from Havana.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Notice how you are still operating in psychological time – decades of the mind’s imaginary time, a feedback loop that leaves you separate and linear. You assume a set of beliefs that turn life into a straight line rather than the space on which the straight line is drawn and the knowing of what moves the hand of the artist. The breaking of time into psychological segments reveals the breaking of the self into fragments that can fit into the spaces of your conceptual puzzle. These puzzle pieces of the separate self fit perfectly into the categories of psychological time – seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades. This puzzle is stretched over your eyes like a giant curtain, keeping you from knowing the existence of immediacy that includes psychological time.

Right now, you don’t see the people in front of you. You don’t sense the emptiness, in two ways, of their heartbeat. You see pieces of a puzzle that match the slotted board of the self on which they are being placed – there is a symmetry to this action that is comfortable and familiar as the separate self’s automatic behavior. This comfortableness is the tradition of separation, what I call the Culture of Separation – a culture of blind automatons of a non-autonomous movement that has fallen prey to a false sense of autonomy.

By reinforcing to your listeners ten year periods of separation that compound into the development of a separative history, you are feeding them a lie that stems from the ultimate lie – the belief in the contraction of a separate self as the totality of existence. This turns history into a battle of narrative rather than an aspect of an impersonal history that is prior to history – prior to the US story of the relationship that has transpired between Venezuela and Cuba. By recognizing this prior history that is not part of any timeline, you would also recognize the traditionless tradition that is the self-rightening mechanism for the problems in which you fan the flames. This recognition is the remembrance of Non-separation.

Leaving this recognition unexplored results in a global policy that withholds aide from the denied by those in denial. It establishes a world filled with authoritarians who think of themselves as “average, everyday people.” Living under the iron fist of the separate self is what is considered “normal” in our world – it guides our everyday affairs, the structure of our culture, the structure of our institutions. It turns the entirety of every individual’s life into an intrasubjective socialist dictatorship by facilitating the entrenchment of the self in a set of separative stories that blur the truth of Non-separation.

Every new attachment the individual claims as its being is a further crackdown on the essence of freedom. It furthers one from the understanding that who you think you are is a very limited part of experience, and an even more limited arising of existence. This furthering of ourselves from the truth of our pre-existing unity, while unconsciously supporting the acceptance of the underhanded agreement of separation, is the corrupt bargain in which you speak. This agreement props up the Culture of Separation – the culture that has been built on the assumption of a separate self.

A belief in separation can only bring more separation into the world – which leaves the narratives you spread in speeches, magnified by mass media, to massage the separate self and the global worldview of the “little authoritarians,” no matter which side of the argument they are on. This continuation of the Culture of Separation means Cuba and Venezuela can be considered police states run directly from Washington D.C. All countries and capital cities are police states ruthlessly enforcing ignorance – force-feeding separation instead of inquiring into the possibility of becoming lived invitations of and to Non-separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: But this is a much different day, and those days are over. The ugly alliance between the two dictatorships is coming to a rapid end.  A new future is beginning. All of us in this arena, and thousands and thousands and thousands of people outside — you have to see it — are united because we know the truth about socialism in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Nicaragua, and all around the world.

Michael Richardson-Borne: This is the exact same day, another day of forgotten Non-separation – no shift in anything has occurred. When one translation of separation ends, another steps in to continue as an illusion of change – this is what you fail to see, which is only a fraction of the depth to which I’m pointing. The divide of days in which you speak was never in opposition, and no successful coup was completed – placing them on opposite ends of a mentally constructed spectrum does not touch, let alone adjust, Non-separation. Even if the shift in eras was relatively true, the current of the movement that lives both would not experience a divide between the precipice of one plateau and another. Not knowing this means the days of separation are not over.

And since the days of separation are not over, the separative foundation of an ugly mass alliance stably rests as the undergirding of all relationships that exist today as the Culture of Separation. Locate, in your own experience, how this alliance is between the myth of who you think you are and the Original Story of being, which you have forgotten. Discovering this alliance will empower you to look into the way in which your Original Story, the story of “I am,” came to be. This is part of journeying the Path of Non-separation. Completing this journey leads to the instantaneous action of Applied Awakening, a new future that is remembered, not something which begins.

Being lived as an invitation to Applied Awakening, seeing the truth of socialism does not take the truth of democracy off the map of separation. Socialism and democracy are reflections of one another. They need one another in order to know themselves. So, as I said, we live in a world of authoritarians, left and right. Pre-modern, modern, post-modern, it’s all the same – separation is the true opiate of the masses.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Socialism promises prosperity, but it delivers poverty. Socialism promises unity, but it delivers hatred and it delivers division.  Socialism promises a better future, but it always returns to the darkest chapters of the past.  That never fails.  It always happens.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Let’s not focus on the symptoms of democratic separation – things like the tremendous gap between the rich and poor, cities that remain without clean water for years on end, or tent neighborhoods of the homeless that line the streets of a well-known city celebrated for its glamour. Let’s focus our attention on the self-rightening invitation we are all capable of remembering that guides us to see separation for what it is.

First. American democracy gives you a shot at an ideal of prosperity while ignoring the poverty of your soul – with the soul being the Original Story of beingness that began the experience of your limited identity.

Second. American democracy gives you the double-bind of being told you are a free individual unified with your democratic culture – as long as you play within the ideology of its own hatred and divisions.

Third. American democracy runs you up a corporate ladder and along a life-stage conveyor belt in the name of a better future – leaving you to sort out for yourself the darkness you still find when you get to its marketed destinations.

Socialism makes the same empty promises because, as with democracy, it doesn’t address the source of prosperity, unity, or a better future – the remembrance of Non-separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Socialism is a sad and discredited ideology rooted in the total ignorance of history and human nature, which is why socialism, eventually, must always give rise to tyranny, which it does.  Socialists profess a love of diversity, but they always insist on absolute conformity.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Democracy is based on a sad and discredited ideology rooted in total ignorance of history and human nature, which is why democracy always gives rise to tyranny – both intrasubjective and intersubjective. The discredited ideology is the belief in a separate self and the tenants of the Culture of Separation which follow this assumption.

Socialism and democracy both preach about unnourished surfaces. They both stress the secondary roots that have sprouted above ground – secondary roots without access to nutrients the soil and water of Non-separation bring. Both have forgotten the secondary roots, underground, that pierce the impersonal soil as well as the main, robust, primary root that runs deep as their source.

This leads to a misalignment with the truth of being, a Culture of Separation, where diversity is an absolute conformity to perceived diversity.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: We know that socialism is not about justice, it’s not about equality, it’s not about lifting up the poor.  Socialism is about one thing only: power for the ruling class.  And the more power they get, the more they crave.  They want to run healthcare, run transportation, and finance, run energy, education — run everything.

Michael Richardson-Borne: This is American democracy talking into the mirror, the democratic shadow speaking to its own reflection. Pure projection.

It’s the separate self that believes it runs everything as a set of autonomous actions. It believes it knows justice, knows equality, knows about lifting up the poor – and believes it can bring these ideals into the world through self-authorship. Both socialism and democracy are built on the foundation of an assumption that believes in a separate self – both are systems of government that philosophically begin from the standpoint of separation and wonder why the results of these systems lead to separative ends.

Believing in self-authoring actions brings the frustration of non-conformity with state-sponsored narratives and spawns the perceived need of forceful coherence to the point of elimination of people from society, both exile and death. It’s easy to observe this in the American prison system and the false jailing and worker camps/re-education camps that arise from socialism.

The way beyond these outcomes of the Culture of Separation is to realize there is a self-rightening possibility right under your nose – the remembrance of Non-separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: They want the power to decide who wins and who loses, who’s up and who’s down, what’s true and what’s false, and even who lives and who dies.

In short, all of us here today know that there is nothing less democratic than socialism. Everywhere and anywhere it appears, socialism advances under the banner of progress, but in the end, it delivers only corruption, exploitation, and decay.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What you describe is not socialism. What you describe is the experience of the separate self, an exploitation of your birthright that keeps you from knowing who you truly are.

Revising Trump’s Remarks on Anti-Semitism

The excerpt below was taken from United States President Donald Trump’s speech to the 91st Annual Future Farmers of America Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: As you know, earlier today, there was a horrific shooting targeting and killing Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The shooter is in custody and federal authorities have been dispatched to support state and local police, and conduct a full and thorough federal investigation.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What is more horrific than a shooting that killed innocent people you ask? I’d say the horror and pain of believing in a separate self that underlies the painful stories that drive the squeeze of a trigger finger. I’d say the horror of being blind to questioning the separate self. I’d say the horror of a society being left in the dark about their own internal struggles – left on the shore, back turned to the ocean. They hear its murmur, they feel its gentle tide washing over their feet – but the magnetism, or peer pressure, of separation prevents them from turning around and taking a journey into its vastness. I’d say the horror of a society that smears the need for exploration of the internal world as merely part of a medical condition or something to re-establish a stable story of a separate self. I’d say the horror of not understanding what establishes the environment for killers to exist – a collective belief in separate objects that can take such extreme offense to other objects, they are willing to attack these entities they think are outside of consciousness. I’d say forgetting the truth of Non-separation.

American political voices spend a lot of time debating gun control laws, some trying to put greater restrictions on who can purchase guns based on their mental health – or changing the types of guns people can purchase. The entirety of this debate is overlooking the problem that underlies the problem. It isn’t recognized that nobody under the influence of a separate self is mentally healthy enough to own a weapon. When separation is present, there are others in the field to take action against. Until these others are no longer present as mere objects of individual experience, until the baseline of collective life is Non-separation, the country’s lawmakers should think twice about doling out weapons to anyone in the public, including the military. If guns are given to the separate self, it holds a story that will find a reason to use them. The most dangerous weapon Congress needs to make available to the people is self-inquiry – the weapon that takes aim at the separate self, the problem of the problem that guns present.

The point is we live in a culture whose primary assumption is the belief in a separate self. Collectively this belief leaves us to live in a culture of separation where every expression of our world is one infested with a foundational separative belief. With this being the case, there is no way around the outpouring of separative outcomes – as we are all under the influence of the illusion of total isolation, even when we are amongst company. This isolation causes a continuous experience of suffering, one that lashes out internally at its own thoughts or externally at anything that doesn’t seem to share an identical story.

Knowing this, you will notice that the shooter is not the only one in custody as those who performed the arrest are also under the custody of the separate self. They are in the same situation of confused identity and lived experience without realizing it.

In the culture of separation, shooters are guilty, but law enforcement officers who make the arrests are not. From the remembrance of Non-separation, all of them are guilty of protecting a separative belief system that animates a needless situation of cops and robbers that kills the alignment with their true being. Both sides are guilty of submitting to an environment of separative justice as the best they can do – guilty of accepting that the combat of cops and robbers is “just the way things are.”

All people, including you Mr. President, are already in a prison of their own making. It’s a physical and mental prison that you take as the totality of your individual experience. You fail to recognize that the state of interaction in our world is between two or more people already in prison, living in a dream of being separate autonomous entities.

There isn’t a person on the planet who wouldn’t admit that there is a tremendous amount of pain and suffering in our world. Yet, very few of us will grit our teeth and get to the bottom of this suffering. We just accept it as a normal part of our experience. We leave one another in prison when each of us holds the keys to unlock one another’s barred doors, the keys to free all the lives that we touch. We turn a blind eye to emaciated dying humans on every corner, each in an internal desert on their backs dying of thirst, longing for water, with a vulture hovering in wait a few yards away. This is true horror, the horror that we live in, the horror that we live as. So when acts of killing like this occur, when the world is in our faces screaming at us to wake up to the true state of our being, how do we find a way to not take internal action?

Does it take that much courage to admit we all live the lives of killers right now? Preachers, bankers, soccer moms, the wholesome suburbs, the posh in their designer boots, the school teacher and college professor, the nurse and the doctor, the psychologist – all live lives complicit in sustaining separation. Are we really that arrogant to think otherwise? Are we really too caught up in our contracted separate worlds to question our experience? Can you not fathom that you are the one placing ammunition into empty chambers? Every day, you ignore the reason for the suffering of everyone you come into contact with – you watch as they are continuously hit by separative bullets in their ignorance of Non-separation. We should all be investigated for this.

Finding yourself innocent because you didn’t use bullets reveals the confusion of your point of view. Not being the final cause of an event doesn’t mean you’re not being lived as the total cause.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: This wicked act of mass murder is pure evil, hard to believe, and frankly, something that is unimaginable.  Our nation and the world are shocked and stunned by the grief.  This was an anti-Semitic act.  You wouldn’t think this would be possible in this day and age, but we just don’t seem to learn from the past.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What you call pure evil is a form of grace. Evil is a blessing if you are attuned enough to receive it, it’s a searing invitation begging you to ask who you truly are. But rather than being attuned to what evil is trying to show you, you prefer to find yourself free of evil because you weren’t the one who pulled the trigger. This is the classic viewpoint of separation. You think you are innocent because you think you are separate. Evil is something outside of you – something that an individual or an individual action can be labeled as. This labeling allows you to bask in the comfort of thinking you haven’t played any part in an evil that, when rightly viewed, is known to be an expression of the whole, of consciousness itself, of Non-separation. Not only did you pull the trigger, your separative point of view was the evil that rose from the smoking gun.

In order to protect your separate self’s story, you willfully maintain your innocence by sticking your head in the sand. This kind of separative innocence is an act of your imagination, a defense mechanism of your separate self to keep your mind off the hook when it comes to asking tough questions. It’s what I call “the posers of innocence” – a global population of posers in denial of their role in the totality’s expression of evil, doing everything they can to protect their story of innocence by thinking they’re “just living life” as compartmentalized packets of individual experience. If you would take time to look inward rather than parroting a standardized response that damns the activities of the perceived autonomous, you would notice your complicity in the culture of separation – complicity that makes your blindness to Non-separation the evil sunlight and water for the rampant growth of evil.

The primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self. It’s this assumption that is pure evil. It’s this pure evil that spawns the lack of conviction you portray when you speak about anti–Semitic acts. These sorts of boilerplate comments are habits of the separate self – boring comments coming from a bored, and misaligned, experience of the mind. These comments have no life because they are divorced from life. They have no feeling because the foundation of feeling is not felt. Your comments are blasé because you are choked off from anything real, disconnected from the nature of Non-separation, save for a mere pinprick of light that allows just enough life in to maintain breathing and thought.

As an aside, I want to point out that this murder is, in fact, imaginable because the murder itself showed up in the confines of an imagination encapsulated by an assumptive story of a separate self. From the experience of separation, imagination is thought to be a device for the creative – the separate self does not know that this dream-like imagination is actually inside of a broader imagination. Both imaginations together are a movie being played into being, a script already written that includes the story of the self and all of what is thought of as its personal endeavors. The realization of Non-separation unmasks this movie of the separate self for the story it is and teaches us that nothing witnessed can ever be unimaginable. Being lived as Non-separation, it is known that the impersonal nature of who you are lives the imaginations of all individuals – and to tie this all together, these imaginations produce the fiction of autonomous actions of murder.

Consciously being lived as an expression of Non-separation, mass murder is an easy outcome to see on every horizon. It’s fully expected in this day and age as it was in every other day and age. Why? Because separation only breeds more separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Our minds cannot comprehend the cruel hate and the twisted malice that could cause a person to unleash such terrible violence during a baby naming ceremony.  This was a baby naming ceremony at a sacred house of worship on the holy day of Sabbath.

Michael Richardson-Borne: “Our minds cannot comprehend the cruel hate and the twisted malice that could cause a person to unleash such terrible violence.” You have named the problem here and don’t realize it. The cause is right in front of your face and you refuse to look. The cause is lived into being as a belief in the separate self. From a separative perspective, the mind is not equipped to see the cause of hate because it is the cause of hate. The mind is blind to what it is resting in and as – blind to the impersonal stature of the separate self’s statutes of cruelty, hate, and malice. It’s this blindness to separation that allows you to claim the impossibility of comprehension. As Non-separation, I can comprehend the cause of terrible violence clearly.

The ceremony you speak of is one in which we honor the arrival of another object of separation – another being brought into the world to be misled as a separate self. Another separate autonomous individual being taught that traveling through a culture of cruelty is the norm. Rearing children today is a practice of teaching them how to best tolerate the culture of separation rather than holding space for them to be aligned with the truth of their being. So we celebrate the naming of children – we pay homage to his or her moniker of separation. And, in doing so, we honor the child’s isolation from the whole rather than honor the whole’s expression of the child.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Anti-Semitism and the widespread persecution of Jews represents one off the ugliest and darkest features of human history.  The vial, hate-filled poison of anti-Semitism must be condemned and confronted everywhere and anywhere it appears.  There must be no tolerance for anti-Semitism in America or for any form of religious or racial hatred or prejudice.  You know that.  You know that very well.  (Applause.)  You know that very well.

Michael Richardson-Borne: We are all persecuted by the suffering at the root of our personal belief in separation. That’s how we know persecution – how it naturally shows up as an expression in our world. Due to this self-persecution caused by our belief in separation, we live amidst a violent blossoming of mass persecution of our true being. You are unaware of this – unaware that your world is an arboretum of persecution that stems from ignoring the truth of Non-separation.

Ignoring this truth is what spawns the septic garden for your ugliest and darkest features to grow.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: You’re outstanding people.  You were brought up incredibly by outstanding parents, in most cases.  And I just want to thank you for your understanding.  Because today, with one unified voice, we condemn the historic evil of anti-Semitism and every other form of evil.  And unfortunately, evil comes in many forms.  And we come together as one American people.

Michael Richardson-Borne: One unified voice stemming from a foundational belief in disunity is separation.

Historic evil arrives in one assumption and has one expression – the expression of a separate self.

We are always already together – the “coming together” is an illusion of a separate self.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: We mourn for the unthinkable loss of life that took place today, and we pledge in their name to fight for a future of justice, safety, tolerance, morality, dignity, and love.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Fighting for a future of concepts will yield no change.

That said, we all mourn together for the loss of life itself – we mourn our collective disconnect from the truth of Non-separation.

Revising VP Mike Pence’s Remarks on Immigration

This excerpt was taken from Vice President Mike Pence’s address to the men and women of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement team. The event was held at the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Washington D.C. on July 6, 2018.

VP MIKE PENCE: Secretary Nielsen, Acting Director Vitiello, and to all of the courageous Americans who every day are “protecting national security and upholding public safety,” it is my great honor — at a critical time in the life of this agency — to address the dedicated men and women of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Thank you. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: From the realization of Non-separation, protecting national security and upholding public safety is the equivalent of maintaining sub-threshold violence while simultaneously clinging to the violence of a separate self that guarantees personal identities and divisive systems will exist in perpetuity. One day, you will see that this kind of security is pretend relaxation – you will see that you constantly remain hyper-vigilant about blocking a socially constructed border that must be protected in order to maintain your individual identity, your group’s identity, and your position of power in what your separate self considers the totality of the field of experience.

It’s just like the game children play called “capture the flag.” There are two teams. A line is drawn in the middle of the field of play so that each side has ownership of a territory. Each team is, then, given a flag that they hide someplace in their territory. The goal of the game is to cross into your opponent’s land, steal their flag, and return to your domain without getting tagged – in which case you would become a prisoner that must be rescued.

From separation, national security is an adult child’s game of “capture the flag.” It’s a game of lies based on the ultimate lie of separation. Why must we re-create our childhoods on the global stage rather than cross the boundaries of our minds to capture the flag of the separate self?

From Non-separation, the global adoption of a 16th century European systemic composed of separative sovereign nation-states, flags, and national anthems is automatically turned on its head. With the collective realization of Non-separation, seeing through the European system’s primary assumption, the belief in a separate self, makes our current separative system appear absurd. How can security happen when it’s built on the assumption of personal insecurity? How can security happen when extracting a separate self from the totality is the very manifestation of insecurity? Constructing an identity on top of this manifestation is the acceptance of insecurity as a core tenant of your being. Unknowingly inserting this tenant into all things social is the reason you speak of national security. With the remembrance of Non-separation, a fresh global system would emerge and unfold according to the alignment with the truth of our being. It would unfold according to the located quietness that underlies the conceptual. A system steeped in Non-separation is the self-rightening solution to the paranoia of national security.

Remember, you are free to realize right now that there is not, and never will be, enough security for your separate self and the collection of separate selves you imagine. Remember, there is never enough security for the separate self because it has forgotten the true source of security. Because there is never enough security to ward off unconscious feelings of separation, humanity is willing to go to greater and greater lengths in search of more complete versions of public safety. This is why the terminus of the separate self’s hunt for security, its need for greater and greater amounts of assurance, turns into situations of war, internment, genocide, prison camps, abusive jails, enslavement. This is how far the separate self will go in order to capture its delinquent feelings of insecurity. And it will go even further if the mind shines light on a new atrocity that has the promise of offering perceived riches in the imaginary mines of personal security.

The separate self’s unaware habit is to look outside of the self to perceive where threats exist – threats to power, threats to material possessions, threats to opportunity, threats to family, race, and nation. The list of concepts to protect the self from is virtually endless – which leaves the separate self feeling like it’s in a dangerous concrete jungle, always fighting for its life. This is the destiny of the separate self – thinking it is an equation, but having no idea how the equation came to be. You plug numbers into this equation and assume the solutions it presents are real. Why? Because you have become lazy in regards to interpreting social realities that stem from your own limited identity.

It is lazy to call protection from illegal immigrants “security” (which arrogantly assumes consciousness can be illegal) without first looking at the total system of the culture of separation and getting to the bottom of its most basic assumption. Let me describe how safety and security work from the assumption of a separate self. First, a collection of separative problems are perceived and accounted for in the field of separation – then a collection of separative solutions are put in place in order to combat these problems in preference of meta-outcomes that provide “justice” according to socially acceptable behaviors that assume a separate self. By endorsing this brand of separative security, global culture keeps moving further and further into its pre-ordained division, gaining what is thought of as greater complexity, a more and more rotund bureaucracy that is imagined to offer better solutions. In reality, this bureaucracy is an expression of snowballing separation. It’s a mass of fictional autonomous entities that have removed their separate selves from the true totality while thinking they function in a total world like a collection of marbles filling a finite space. It is not understood that an acceptance of finite space fills the mind with separative beliefs that must protect finite possessions within finiteness. It is important to know that this kind of culture has forgotten the infinite and, hence, bears no fruit because its foundation of separation is rotten from the ground up.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: The truth is, your courage, your determination, your dedication to the law and to the American people inspires me and inspires the people of this country.  At this agency, as the Secretary just described, more than 20,000 patriots stand every day — investigators, field officers, special agents, analysts — each and every day stand for the rule of law in this nation and stand for the interests of the American people.  You step up to enforce our system of legal immigration.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Courage is not the physical resistance of perceived disruption – it’s opening to disruption in order to find the source of disruption. Courage is the nascent framework for love, the sudden reversal that stops the non-sense of separative life and moves one’s heart to get down to the nuts and bolts of being. Courage is the movement of one’s heart that leads to the blessing of determination.

Determination is the drive to locate the existence of the gnawing fiction of your separation. It’s relentlessly following your nose to the cause of your need to follow until it’s understood that it was never you who was determined or following. Determination is realizing that the ability to grit your teeth is a kind of grace that lives itself as the toughness of the body and mind – a body and mind that’s hidden in a lonely cave of separative deception. Determination is the power that walks out of the darkness of this cave into the light of dedication.

Dedication is an always already commitment of the impersonal to your experience of the personal. This realization uncovers the individual fiction written by your mind – it reveals the personal dedication to upholding all vacant laws of separation. The kind of dedication you are championing comes from the outside and moves further into an external illusion in service of the outside. The dedication I speak of moves from the inside and remains inside – understanding that the depth of this inside is living the inside and the outside as an invitation to Non-separation. This invitation is the only truth that reaches the outside as the conceptual equivalent of the inside. Seeing this conceptual equivalence is the final push of the personal that’s needed to reach the precipice of inspiration.

Inspiration is not a feeling of admiration that fuels motivation. It is the courage to be lived as an invitation to Non-separation, the only energy motivation has ever known. Inspiration is the space for cause and effect as well as the quality of space that imagines quantity. Inspiration is the courage to peer through the reality of “American people,” to see the mass of bodies asking you if, in honesty, your body can carry the definitional baggage of a nation-state. They are asking you if, in honesty, a collection of ideas can carry a story being lived into the moment. They are asking if a starred and striped flag can represent your bare heart. They are asking if a style of government can truly rest in your soul, the soul being that which is the life of all governments, all resting, and all asking. They are asking if an anthem can be a tune outside of your awareness, one that represents organized sound outside of your self. They are asking if consciousness can be labeled without giving rise to a rule of law that fails to point the people beyond separation.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: And the truth is, every day — every day, men and women of ICE also confront criminal illegal immigrants who endanger our communities and prey on our most vulnerable.  Our ICE agents are busy every day taking them off the streets.  You’ve fought vicious gangs like MS-13.  You’ve stopped human smugglers, child traffickers, and destructive drug cartels that are poisoning our youth and stealing lives of promise.  You’ve apprehended terrorists who’ve come into our country to challenge our way of life and harm our people.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Consciousness can never be an immigrant or be illegal. That said, the separative nature of the system in which US foreign policy arises makes us all criminal. Not separate, one criminal act of separation is a total act – an innocent incident caused by being in a foreign land and not knowing the impersonal custom underlying the culture. An innocent act of not knowing one’s home and lashing out at what is mistaken as foreignness. Look and you will see that we are all wondering refugees scouring the world for mercy and a home. We are seeking safety and security from the suffering that haunts our every move. We are trying to escape the denial of who we are and where we belong. We are seeking to avoid the crux of what makes our communities appear and manifest as unsafe. We are offering up solutions that are attempts to make separation healthier and/or more palatable as the rules of separative culture. “Living local and thinking global” will not cut it. Racially isolating or hybridizing our communities will not cut it. A completed puzzle of perfect ethnic intersection will not cut it. All of these still wallow in the mud bath of a separative perspective that keeps human smugglers, child traffickers, and gangs in existence – the result being a never-ending confrontation until the truth of Non-separation is remembered.

What you call “our most vulnerable” should be treated as precious stones as they are the crown jewels of pointing to a culture built on the assumption of a separate self. The extraction of individuals from the totality leaves layers of extractions to occur inside a culture that is, itself, a product of extraction. Embracing our most vulnerable, we arrive at the heart of those who have been pushed to the leading edge of extraction. They are pointers to what the separate self runs from. They are pointers to your own fear, your own desperation, your own suffering. These are the true kings and queens of the world – the manifest wisdom that should tell us all we need to know in order to begin aggressively questioning the foundation of our collective existence. These are the souls that are as bright as Times Square billboards of Non-separation that remind us of the shameless marketing of and lobbying for a culture that is stacked on the assumption of separation.

But make no mistake about it, the harm to your way of life was done long ago when a separate self happened to you. The harm was done as you were taught that you were born as an individual into a world that surrounded this individual. The harm was done when you were born into a world where a “way of life” hardened like a footprint in wet cement and became something whose potential change was cause for alarm. The harm was done when consciousness became a target of the constricted and reasonable.

Instead, why don’t we target our psychiatric hospitals for spreading the contagion of the mental illness of separation? Target our schools, from primary to the most advanced, for the terrorist activity of offering only separative curriculum. Target our local and federal government for the corruption of advancing our allegiance to a separative structure. Target our media for ostracizing questions of spirituality and ignoring the global headline that is the natural movement of the whole. Target our military and policing organizations for protecting unfreedom. Target our way of life for obscuring the way of life.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: I want to assure you, as I travel across this country, that the American people know that men and women of ICE are American heroes, that you’re doing an important job.  You’re often doing a dangerous job, and you’re doing it for them. And I want to promise you that we’re going to continue to work to make sure that this agency has both the support, the respect, and the resources that you deserve to do the job that you have been called to do.  The American people support you because they know how important your mission is.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Assurance is an outright lie. Your belief in a separate self and its subsequent concepts cannot make promises of autonomous behavior, as you will not know these behaviors until they are lived into being as the existence of Non-separation. This kind of communication is to mislead the separate self into believing it is real with a guaranteed future – the perfect opium for an organization of people still under the illusion of a separate self.

Being lived as a continuous invitation to Non-separation, your remarks may change to point to the reason ICE is needed in the first place – and how being a hero is questioning the separate self and getting to the bottom of the problem of immigration their lives are committed to. From Non-separation, not understanding that “immigrants” are a reflection of the self, reflections that appear to the mind as apparent expressions of separation, is the definition of unheroic.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: The record speaks for itself.  And it’s a record of accomplishment and security.  Every day, ICE makes America safer and more secure. And every citizen of this nation is better off and safer because of the work that you do. And so today, I want to make it clear to all of you and all of those looking on: Under President Donald Trump, we will never abolish ICE.  And as the President said, we will never fail to applaud and expand, and empower this agency with the resources that you deserve.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Speaking of the impossibility of abolition, in other words, “no death,” is a dream of the separate self. Never failing to receive applause for its personal actions is a dream of the separate self. Getting to imagine a never-ending expansion, an undeterred concept of freedom, is a dream of the separate self. Always being empowered with unlimited resources is a dream of the separate self.

This record of separation also speaks for itself.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: We’re all grateful for your courage.  We’re grateful for the risk that you’re willing to take to uphold our laws and defend our country.  We’re frankly grateful that our nation has men and women of such character and selflessness who are willing to step forward in this cause.

And with your continued service and courage, with the support of the American people, with President Donald Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, I know we will make America safe again.  And we’ll have all of you to thank.

Thank you very much. God bless you.  God bless U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  And God bless the United States.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What you are saying here is “God bless separation.” “God bless an organization and a nation that celebrates the protection of separation to the detriment of remembering your true being – which is Non-separation.”

Revising Trump’s State of the Union Address

The excerpts below are taken from President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address to Congress given on January 30, 2018.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Less than 1 year has passed since I first stood at this podium, in this majestic chamber, to speak on behalf of the American People — and to address their concerns, their hopes, and their dreams.  That night, our new Administration had already taken swift action.  A new tide of optimism was already sweeping across our land.

Each day since, we have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous mission — to make America great again for all Americans.

Michael Richardson-Borne: To illustrate your confusion, let’s dive straight into the mechanics of your claim that you’re speaking on behalf of a nation composed of a group of people.

To do this, first and foremost, you must assume that the story of a separate self is the totality of your existence. You must believe that who you are is an independent body and mind amid a collection of other independent beings with their own self-directed bodies and minds.

From here you must assume that those you think you’re autonomously speaking to believe in the same assumption as you – the assumption of a separate self. Then, you must assume that the story of this separate self is accurately portrayed when attaching to a collection of self-defining concepts, a handful of which provide meaning as they attach to the concept “American.” This leaves your experience of “American People” completely in your mind – a conglomeration of concepts that is attached to a concept that is attached to yet another concept that is the story of a separate self.

Once all of this assuming and conceptualizing is in place, you have officially cultivated the separative conditions you need to speak on behalf of a nation’s population. So when you speak, you speak on behalf of an inwardly and outwardly divided people as a divided person that mirrors their assumptions and labels back to them in perfect focus.

Know this, if you know anything, as you begin the Path of Non-separation. Your division began as soon as separation was present – the moment a sense of individual beingness happened to you. Not noticing this original happening, you have grown to believe the layers of separation you added to a sneaky fiction is who you truly are. This belief in the layers of conceptual labels you’ve stacked on an extracted story of isolation is an illusion completely devoid of life.

What you are doing in this speech, without knowing it, is spreading dry sand, contaminated water, and harsh sunlight – the result being that only thistles of the culture of separation can thrive in and as the state of our so-called union.

Meanwhile, the remembrance of Non-separation is nowhere to be found – it’s a lost oasis resting under the desert sand as it silently accepts any amount of extreme weather as an expression of itself. Can you see how your belief in extreme weather is keeping you from the lush grounds of which your mind is only a dried remnant?

If you did, you would know that addressing personal concerns, personal hopes, and personal dreams, in essence, is just another layer of interwoven stories that are born from the belief in a personal self. Maintaining this belief in separation as the fundamental assumption from which you live your life will never lead you nor anyone else out of this desert. It will only walk you further into its heartless center where temperatures endlessly rise and the only water for finding the true self is a shallow mirage – the hazy image functioning as a small, distant flash that points to the possibility of pristine water.

And still, even in these harsh conditions, taking swift action to question the primary assumption that sets the stage for these conditions is rarely done. Instead, harshness is accepted as the norm, thought of as “just the way people are, and society is.” This is correct but not because of “human nature” – it’s correct because of the nature of humans under the spell of the belief in a separate self.

From separation, taking swift action is just a swift conceptual continuation of the separative. From Non-separation, taking swift action is understood to be a spontaneous activity which you watch as a simultaneous expression of this same spontaneous activity. Human nature is lived by Non-separation – and thus, at its core, is undivided, compassionate, open, and exceedingly quiet under all its rambunctiousness.

It’s rediscovering this quietness that will “Make America Great Again.” But pay attention here – the “again” isn’t a return to an ideal of the past, a return to ideal conditions outside of the self. “Again” is a remembrance of who we are as a pre-existing unity.

Realize that America’s greatness was never her own. Realize that it was never “ours” as a collection of self-authoring individuals under the common illusion of being “American.” Realize that it was never yours or something that you can bring back from the dead by autonomously offering your version of death.

America’s greatness belongs to the remembrance of Non-separation – all else is a distraction from the true greatness of America.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Over the last year, we have made incredible progress and achieved extraordinary success.  We have faced challenges we expected, and others we could never have imagined.  We have shared in the heights of victory and the pains of hardship.  We endured floods and fires and storms.  But through it all, we have seen the beauty of America’s soul, and the steel in America’s spine.

Each test has forged new American heroes to remind us who we are, and show us what we can be.

Michael Richardson-Borne: For you, incredible progress is undoing one version of separation and implementing another – one that fosters a more agreeable story for your garbled belief in an autonomous self that can forge new pathways in an external world. For you, incredible progress is overcoming the resistance of others that don’t exist. It’s something that happens outside of the self, a turning of a new page – but without noticing that what you call “incredible progress” is just different letters on the same page in the same book titled Separation.

From Non-separation, this book no longer needs to be opened – its story is seen through and known to be of a darker time. It rightfully has taken its place on the mantle next to the dusty Bible, sentimental knick-knacks, and dated golf trophies. From Non-separation, this book is put to rest as just another object in awareness. But what is true progress?

True progress is the realization of itself – from which the notion of progress fades. True progress is a society built on the application of the remembrance of Non-separation, what I call Applied Awakening. From Non-separation, it is recognized that policy changes lack a beating heart due to a conceptual nature that isn’t equipped to achieve anything except more separation. The separative culture in which your policy successes have sprouted are just translations of all that has come before. Amending the rules of the culture of separation creates the illusion of change on the surface structures that frame it – but fails to point, what you call Americans, to the truth that is living all policy. Not knowing this truth leaves change hidden under the stone of separation – with very few realizing there is anything to look for.

Which leads us to “extraordinary success.” For you, extraordinary success is an attribute of an individual or a grouping of individuals. There isn’t a hint of curiosity about knowing who can actually own this success while separated from the whole.

From Non-separation, success is merely a fluctuating concept that lives within the lexicon of the culture of separation. It’s a moniker worn by a boys and girls club that matches a definition constructed by a group of effete linguists who study separate autonomous individuals and unknowingly codify ways in which the separate self can falsely vivify its separative world. The beauty of America’s soul is haunted by these monikers – haunted by living up to the concepts of separation as separate autonomous individuals.

Even our heroes live with this separative assumption in their hearts. They, too, no matter their heroic deeds, have steel spines built strong enough for the resistance of truth. The result is the heroes of the culture of separation do not remind us who we are by their deeds – they remind us who we are not via conceptual packages that amount to little else than more marketable stories that the separate self can easily swallow. Every test of every hero, the world over, is an opportunity to notice who is living the dream of both hero and admirer.

Remember, the only thing we can be is what we already are – it’s not a becoming, but a remembering. A remembering of what you were long before your parents gave you the opportunity to open your eyes and to learn the concepts of incredible progress, extraordinary success, and the meaning of heroic.

So take this for what it’s worth – when the heroic is not separate from the cowardly, America will not know what she can be, she will know who and what she truly is.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Over the last year, the world has seen what we always knew:  that no people on Earth are so fearless, or daring, or determined as Americans.  If there is a mountain, we climb it.  If there is a frontier, we cross it.  If there is a challenge, we tame it.  If there is an opportunity, we seize it.

So let us begin tonight by recognizing that the state of our Union is strong because our people are strong.

And together, we are building a safe, strong, and proud America.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Separation by comparison and attribute is a dead language that most everyone in the world continues to speak. How is this the case you ask?

Dead languages aren’t used – they’re studied by intellectuals. And this is exactly the world situation you find yourself in – a situation where you study life rather than understand you’re being lived as a reflection of Non-separation. You have forgotten that the only living language is that which is speaking the spoken – and that this language cannot be studied but only lived as it emerges into being.

Remember, any particular language taken as particular is an object validated by the culture of separation. Objects defining objects separated from the whole, including collections of words, are divided from their true being, and thus, dead. The one language shared by all is a spontaneous activity of the whole – where the knower and the known are in their proper places, distinct but not separate.

Climbing a mountain without knowing who is doing the climbing is not climbing.
Crossing a frontier without knowing who is doing the crossing is not traveling.
Taming a challenge without knowing who is doing the taming is not winning.
Seizing the opportunity without knowing who is doing the seizing is not advancing.

This lack of knowing the self leaves a society where the state of a union can one, be defined, and two, be interpreted as “strong” when its very existence depends on a flimsy conceptual acceptance of a conceptual artifact inside a global culture of conceptual separation.

So, the state of the union of which you speak is mired in mass confusion because its people are mired in mass confusion. When the primary assumption of humanity, the belief in a separate self, is the life-blood of most every action that makes up society, it is little wonder that safety and strength are imagined in economic and militaristic terms amidst a constant global standoff where the whole world is forced to sleep with one eye open.

Contemplate this – both safety and strength live as the impersonal. Personal safety and strength do not exist.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Tonight, I want to talk about what kind of future we are going to have, and what kind of Nation we are going to be.  All of us, together, as one team, one people, and one American family.

We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny, and the same great American flag.

Together, we are rediscovering the American way.

Michael Richardson-Borne: A future personally directed is a future that arrives with an illusion at its core – the assumption of a separate self. You reveal more than you know when you speak confidently about being able to talk about particular outcomes that will arrive in the future. You reveal your embeddedness in a projection of your own mind which you have yet to experience as anything but the sole lens through which you see the world.

Rather than making great efforts to personally direct the future, I invite you to understand that predicting that which you already are is nonsense. Instead, put this same effort into discovering how to get out of the way of your desire to control. Put this energy into discovering the only way the future will come to a halt and how the culture of separation will effortlessly auto-correct. Put this energy into questioning the epidemic of separation. Put this energy into remembering the pre-existing unity of Non-separation – which is not to be conflated with what you mean when you say “all of us together,” “one team,” “one people,” and “one family.”

From separation, “all of us together,” “one team,” “one people,” and “one family,” means a mass collection of individuals who believe in a common palatable story of separation that defines an unseen story of separation that sadly defines a culture of separation that believes its deepest point of oneness or togetherness is the shallow spectrum of human experience. This is the depth at which connection, oneness, and unity stop in the culture of separation – which is not, and never will be, true unity or oneness. What the nation and its people are not seeing is before one.

But let me clarify that “before one” does not mean zero. Non-separation is before zero. From Non-separation, you don’t “share” the same heart and destiny – you are the same heart and destiny. And “the American way” is not separate from this destiny.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: In America, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the center of the American life.  Our motto is “in God we trust.”

And we celebrate our police, our military, and our amazing veterans as heroes who deserve our total and unwavering support.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The only valuable motto in the culture of separation is “Who am I?” And the only support is the support that comes along with inquiring into the answer to this question.

Later, if or when the center of American life is its true being, the motto may become something like “the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal.” That is the way I describe Non-separation. Its impersonal in nature and needs no support. So, in the culture of separation, total unwavering support is an individual, who no longer identifies as such, being lived as an unwavering offering of the inquiry into the self.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Americans love their country.  And they deserve a Government that shows them the same love and loyalty in return.

For the last year, we have sought to restore the bonds of trust between our citizens and their Government.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Loving the self is the only way to love a country, as a country is just the self obscured by a concept. Throughout this speech, you support the culture of separation and its creation of false divisions between self, concept, and physical form – divisions that consciousness itself does not validate.

Divisive, tit for tat, love can only restore a temporary cessation of surface tension from time to time – but even then, the potential tension, that of believing in a separate self, remains locked in place. One point of a rubber band remains secured to separation – and the slightest movement in any direction brings about varying levels of renewed tension. This tension never goes away until Non-separation is remembered.

With this constant tension, bonds of trust only happen while in bondage. When there are no others, nothing in which to be bound, trust is the natural movement of the self.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: As long as we have confidence in our values, faith in our citizens, and trust in our God, we will not fail. Our families will thrive. Our people will prosper. And our Nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.

Thank you, and God bless America.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Failure is not your doing – but it’s still inevitable when success is a concept on the arc of separation.

Thriving is knowing Non-separation. Prospering is knowing Non-separation. Safety is knowing Non-separation. Strength is knowing Non-separation. Pride exists in separation. Mightiness is knowing your true being. Freedom is your natural state.

Know Non-separation and you will know that God blessing America is an object blessing an object – the transfer of God’s blessing being the pollination by an imaginary bee on an imaginary flower. Get to know the mechanics of the mind’s life cycle and you will see the circular hypocrisy of separation – life inside of death and death inside of life.

Not knowing this leaves you identical to the separative blessing of America – lost and forgetful of what Americans, and their country, have always been.

Revising a Trump & Macron Press Conference

The excerpt below is taken from a reply given by United States President Donald Trump at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron held at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on July 13, 2017.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well thank you very much, President Macron.  Melania and I are thrilled to join you and Mrs. Macron.  This is a wonderful national celebration, and we look very much forward to it.  It will be spectacular.  Tomorrow — Bastille Day.

We’re honored to be here in your beautiful country — and it certainly is a beautiful country — with its proud history and its magnificent people.  And thank you for the tour of some of the most incredible buildings anywhere in the world.  That was very, very — a very beautiful thing to see. Thank you.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Beginning the conversation by recognizing 3 separate and separated objects (in the wake of assuming a private separate object for comparison’s sake) sets the stage for championing the communication, implied or otherwise, of separation. With your foundational belief in the mind as truth teller and the dominant facet of an individual’s experience, your separative assumption becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and perpetuates the life cycle of a human world stubbornly lost in a context of separative thinking. By assuming the body as your sole locus of lived experience, a psychological division of the total experience is put into effect and the origins of conflict are instantaneously established. No kind of leadership can emerge from this blatant assumption that isn’t just a variation on the well-established theme of separation. By assuming your identity in a separate self, the only destination in which you can lead anything will be, at best, an updated manifestation of separation that your complicitors will laud as real change.

Honoring your respected company by, first, pointing out the impossibility of company, and then honoring them personally as interwoven reflections of non-separation, are the only actions of leadership that may qualify as leadership in today’s world. Making it clear to the populace that what is happening is happening on its own accord is a key point for the global community – self-authorship is a ruse. This doesn’t mean that we are an interconnection of disparate parts or that we are the eyes of a single bystander – both of these interpretations confuse the seer and the seen, the seer and the unseen. Make it known that you are the lived experience of every instant, the pre-existing unity of all objects in the personal field of vision and out. Show them their own reflection and lead our world to uncover the self that is living it.

The same goes for your belief in nations. Acknowledging nations without first laying the context for what a nation is confirms that the separative context of national boundaries should be accepted as the real. When nations are embraced as real, the same dynamic emerges on a global scale that just happened when you greeted your wife and the French first couple as separate objects viewed by another separate object – nations become autonomous entities run by the autonomy of separate individuals which waters the growing layers of division that demand their own preservation. With the anxiety of needed preservation, the friction of separation begins to be imagined and even felt – despite the fact that there are no edges anywhere if you’d take a second to look and truly recognize your felt experience. You gaze as the peacefulness of consciousness but manifest a constant war. How does this happen?

Most humans believe they are not creative. But the creation of the separative-world-system is beyond anything a master of any craft, past or present, could conjure. What the assumption of separation has built is a true work of art that captures the essence of suffering to the bone – it makes the most profound Shakespearean tragedy seem like dusty ink spread on the paper of a generic greeting card.

And so it goes with the assumption of separation and its offspring of things like national holidays and incredible buildings. Proud histories are just celebrations of consciousness – celebrations of the only thing you know and that which is living every scene of what you consider your individual life. Do you recognize how omitting the primary celebration of consciousness in favor of celebrating independent objects creates a chasm that you have yet to cross? Do you recognize that in that chasm, the whole of your world has been built? Can you see that outside of this chasm is your total existence that includes the chasm? Can you understand that the total existence is the face you see in the mirror? The face of non-separation?

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: When the French people rose up and stormed the Bastille, it changed the course of human history.  Our two nations are forever joined together by the spirit of revolution and the fight for freedom.  France is America’s first and oldest ally.  A lot of people don’t know that.  Ever since General Lafayette joined the American fight for independence, our fates and fortunes have been tied unequivocally together.  It was a long time ago but we are together, and I think together, perhaps, more so than ever.  The relationship is very good.

Michael Richardson-Borne: When the French citizens rose up in the center of Paris and stormed the Bastille to free those 7 prisoners, the captives exited the political prison as simultaneous movements of freedom to freedom and unfreedom to unfreedom – there was nothing in between. In separation, they were being held against their will by a royal band of others – they were caught in the noose of unfreedom. They were 7 people who had lost their self-authorship due to the self-authorship of a ruling class. In separation, when released from the Bastille, the prisoners walked into the open air of freedom, dreaming themselves to be individuals taking separate paths of self-authorship. This is the story in our history books, the path of unfreedom to unfreedom – the movement of people from the unfreedom of a separate self in prison to the prison of a separate self in the unfreedom of an assumed autonomous life.

In truth, the prisoners of the Bastille were always free – the bars of a cell cannot hem in the pre-existing unity of true freedom. Before being arrested, they were the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. After being arrested, they were the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. After being released, they were the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. This is the opening chapter that is omitted from all history books – The Path of Freedom to Freedom. The path of non-separation is treated as a footnote in the history books of separation. This is getting the truth exactly backward.

So if, as you claim, the storming of the Bastille changed the course of human history, it was the course of human history that assumes the separate self, the path of unfreedom, the separative history that can be changed by autonomous events, the history that has forgotten non-separation.

In non-separation, there is no human history that is bigger than the truth that underlies it – that is bigger than the truth that is living it. From non-separation, the storming of the Bastille was another marker on the arc of separation. Another dark time happening when separation was the unconscious law of the land. Changing the course of human history will be a singular happening when humanity simultaneously realizes who or what is living humanity – a time when the separate self finally comes to terms with the fact of non-separation and that all else is dross.

Your realization of this pre-existing unity will be both the ending and beginning of history and humanity as you know it. You will see that nations cannot be joined together because nations do not truly exist. You will see that nations cannot be joined by the spirit of revolution because they were never divided in the first place. You will understand that when objects are believed to be connected through surface features and ideas, tribalism is the destiny of a story where love, peace, and unity exist in name and sentiment only. You will understand that freedom cannot be fought for. When you say that French and American fates have been tied unequivocally together, you will understand the deeper truth of this statement. You will ask your fellow leaders to name a country to which your fate isn’t unequivocally tied. You will ask your fellow leaders to name a time when all fates haven’t been unequivocally tied together. When you say that the French and the Americans are “together, perhaps, more so than ever,” – you will understand the confused nature of this comment. You will understand that it is one that requires separation as a prerequisite. You will know that being more or less together is a song of separation – and that the music and lyrics of this song were written by the natural movement of non-separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: This visit also commemorates another milestone.  One century ago, the United States entered World War I.  And when the President called me, he had mentioned that fact — 100 years ago, that was — I said, Mr. President, I will be there.  That’s a big, important date — 100 years.  

We remember the tens of thousands of Americans who gave their lives in that valiant and very difficult struggle.  We also pay tribute to the heroic deeds of the French Troops whose courage at the Battle of Marne, and countless other battles will never be forgotten by us.  More than one million French soldiers laid down their lives in defense of liberty.  Their sacrifice is an eternal tribute to France and to freedom.  French and American patriots have fought together, bled together, and died together in the fight for our countries and our civilizations.

Michael Richardson-Borne: There is only one milestone, and you are it. Failing to remember this milestone and, instead, placing a separated event on its hook, in this case, the entering of the U.S. into the first World War, is a kind of zero calorie bait you are offering to the masses. It may be edible. But it has no nutritional value whatsoever. There is only one defense of liberty and you are it. Knowing this, defense of liberty becomes making sure the true self isn’t forgotten – that the realization of non-separation doesn’t suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs. There is only one experience of sacrifice and you are it. When you understand you are being lived, sacrifice becomes a thing of the past – a non-sensical thought that arises as a remnant of separation. There is only one eternal tribute and you are it. All soldiers are already freedom itself – the swords and bullets, unknowingly, are non-separation living out the mind’s contracted belief in a separate self that can be linked to ideas like nations and allies and separative freedom.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Today, we face new threats from rogue regimes like North Korea, Iran, and Syria, and the governments that finance and support them.  We also face grave threats from terrorist organizations that wage war on innocent lives.  Tomorrow will mark one year since a joyous Bastille Day celebration in Nice turned into a massacre.  We all remember how horrible that was.  We mourn the 86 lives that were stolen, and we pray for their loved ones.  We also renew our resolve to stand united against these enemies of humanity and to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and ideological support.   

Michael Richardson-Borne: Governments and regimes do not independently finance terrorist organizations – the entire system finances them. You can’t conveniently cut out select parts of a whole as if they are outliers from the total act of financing terrorism. Your assumption of separation opens the opportunity to divide the map according to your own impulses, perfect rules for the separate self. But ask yourself: What is the entire system composed of? Is it a conglomeration of external units? Or is it what is aware of these external units that comes equipped with the ability to understand that the external units are not separate from one another or from what is aware of them? Everything is causing everything – dividing out specific causes may be useful in some matters, but it’s never the truth.

Also, you speak about terrorism as if it’s something independent from you. See terrorism for what it is – the ultimate teacher of non-separation. It is not something outside of yourself to be stopped, it’s a severely aggressive pointing out instruction to an impersonal way of being that has to be realized inside of you. It’s the Self pleading with you to straighten out your crooked vision. Whereas the ideals of the United States can be seen to whisper separation, when acts of terrorism happen, the pain of the separate self is screamed at decibel levels that hurt our collective ears. Pain wakes us up temporarily where we have the chance to see through the fiction of separation – but pain eventually, usually quickly, subsides, and the opportunity for using it as the teacher of a deeper understanding is lost.

If you ignore the body when it has a sickness, it will cry with greater and greater levels of pain. If you try to treat a sickness of the heart by going to the dentist, the sickness will continue to get worse. Only by properly identifying the problem can the solution be offered. The problem of terrorism is the foundational assumption of a separate self. Realize this and the solution will naturally arise in awareness.

The way you are currently using terrorism is as a lesson to further entrench separation. Why? Because you have yet to have an impersonal experience in your life. You still live in a world of self and other. You still live in a world where enemies are possible without seeing that the only true enemy is your continued attachment to a separate self. Being stuck on the same wavelength as the terrorists, not seeing that you have a common core issue, you both continue to dance together to the music of separation. It’s difficult to see that the problem is in your own lack of depth and to encourage the internal development of both sides as a real attempt at a solution to terrorism.

Stripping terrorists of territory, funding, etcetera will only strengthen their resolve and fortify the narrative already in place – that you are an adversary intent on othering their way of life. This kind of behavior will only improve their recruiting tactics. Separation breeds separation. Rather than trying to change them, change yourself. Offer a new narrative rooted in non-separation and watch the rest take care of itself.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Today, President Macron and myself discussed how we can strengthen our vital security partnerships.  We just had a meeting with our generals and our representatives, and it went very well.  France has excellent counterterrorism capabilities. The French troops are serving bravely in places like Mali to defeat these forces of murder and destruction.  The United States and our allies strengthen our commitments to defeat terrorism.  

We’re also making tremendous progress.  Earlier this week, with the strong support of the United States and the Global Coalition, Iraqi forces liberated the city of Mosul from ISIS control.  Now we must work with the government of Iraq and our partners and allies in the region to consolidate the gains and ensure that the victory stays a victory, unlike the last time.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Strengthening vital security partnerships consists of offering the path of non-separation to all people so that identity can be lived from a known pre-existing unity. All else is violent action in drag – separation disguised as an empty attempt at partnership and peace. Using US soft power to spread the message of non-separation far and wide (both inside of the country and out) is the only way forward.

Ensuring that a victory stays a victory is separative thinking – it’s exactly how the separate self is treated, as a victory that needs to be protected in order to remain. It’s this false sense of self-authorship that needs defending that leads us into war and destruction, to begin with.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Last week, the G20 leaders also reaffirmed the right to sovereign nations to control their borders.  We must be strong from within to defend ourselves from threats from the outside.  The nations of the West also face domestic challenges of our own creation, including vast government bureaucracy that saps the strength from our economies and from our societies.  

For this reason, I applaud President Macron on his courageous call for that “less bureaucracy” — it’s a good chant — “less bureaucracy,” — we can use it, too — and a Europe that protects its citizens.  We did not become great through regulation.  And in the United States, Mr. President, we also have cut regulations at a level we’ve never seen before.  So we’re very proud of that — over the last six months — but by allowing our people to follow their dreams.  That’s what it’s all about.  To achieve these dreams, however, we must also confront unfair trade practices that hurt our workers, and pursue trade deals that are reciprocal and fair. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: Controlling borders. Defending ourselves from threats from the outside. Cutting regulations. Fair trade. These are all concerns of a mind stuck in separation. Again, these issues solve themselves when the collective assumption becomes the truth of non-separation. Remember, when attached to the commitment of separation, there is no total solution because the separate self is neither looking for nor prepared to find the total solution. From non-separation, one remembers their existence as the total solution – and their very life becomes the example of a way forward, free from the reigns of separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Both President Macron and I understand our responsibility to prioritize the interests of our countries and, at the same time, to be respectful of the world in which we live.  We live in a very complex world.  We have to respect it.  The United States remains committed to being a leader in environmental protection, while we advance energy security and economic growth.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: To prioritize the interests of your country while being respectful of the world in which you live is the very definition of separation. To prioritize the interests of the separate self while believing there is a world outside of this self that one could be respectful of is the global state-sponsored illusion.

Only the mind is complex. The world, in truth, is very simple.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: The friendship between our two nations — and ourselves, I might add — is unbreakable.  Our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture, destiny, and liberty that unite us.  So strongly unite us, also.  As long as we have pride in who we are, where we’ve come from, how we got here, and what we’ve achieved as free and democratic nations, then there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: Two separate selves are always breakable. Only non-separation is unbreakable.

Although it may be true that there is nothing we can’t accomplish, the key to non-separation is understanding who is doing the accomplishing.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: France helped us secure our independence.  A lot of people forget.  In the American Revolution, thousands of French soldiers fought alongside American troops so that, as Lafayette said, liberty would have a country.  Ever since then, courageous heroes from both nations have fought for the same noble values and the same righteous cause.

Michael Richardson-Borne: So far, nothing has been secured except ever-evolving modes of separative dependence. America is still in the process of securing its independence – which is the same as securing its dependence.

The righteous cause that has been fought for is a means to enact and protect a competitive and strategic tribalism. This brand of tribalism is not liberty. Personal liberty and impersonal liberty have to be understood before one can make this distinction.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Tomorrow, the French Tricolor will once again wave proudly alongside the American Stars and Stripes.  Our brave soldiers will march side-by-side, and we will all be inspired to protect and cherish the birthright of freedom that our ancestors won for us with their sweat and with their blood.

President Macron, thank you for inviting Melania and myself to this historic celebration.  And to you and your spectacular country:  May God bless France and may God bless America.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: The birthright of freedom is the realization of non-separation. Nothing else. May the people of France and America realize the truth of non-separation.

Revising Trump & Stoltenberg’s NATO Meeting

The excerpt below is taken from the introduction given by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a joint press conference with President Donald Trump held at the White House on April 12, 2017.

SECRETARY GENERAL STOLTENBERG:  Thank you so much, sir, Mr. President. We just had an excellent and very productive meeting, and it’s really an honor to meet you for the first time here in the White House.

We agree that NATO is a bedrock of security, both for Europe and for the United States.  Two world wars and a Cold War have taught us all that peace in Europe is not only important for Europeans but is also important for the prosperity and the security of North America.  So a strong NATO is good for Europe, but a strong NATO is also good for the United States.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What do you mean when you say “peace in Europe?” Do you mean the antithesis of political instability and all-out war? Do you mean a relative calmness in the streets, the uninterrupted flow of business as usual in European society, the heartbeat of the status quo pounding without a stutter while unaware of the unity of its true heart?

The kind of peace you have in mind is a narrowed focus on external environment and circumstance. Being overtaken by this auto-pilot belief in the status quo metrics of peace abandons the inner lives of our people and leaves them to suffer an internal war all alone. Virtually every person in Europe and the United States has a war going on inside of them at this very moment. Even if they are considered mentally stable, the pain of separation is severely gnawing some, torturing others.

Why do we ignore internality and force people to fight a war with a separate self, bereft of the proper resources? Why do we leave our people in this war without cultural guidance and pretend that if the economy is functioning relatively well and the streets are safe then everything is mediocre enough to be considered peaceful? As long as there is a somewhat minimal amount of societal pseudo-harmony, people are on their own to suffer the fate of identifying with a separate self – they’re at the mercy of the assumption of separation. How do you consider this humane? Do you see how you are worshipping surfaces while misunderstanding the nature of these surfaces? Do you see how you are translating your blindness into definitions that sell the North Atlantic short when it comes to identifying the more holistic origin of peace?

What you call a strong NATO will only be strong if it has a dual commitment that couples the current treaty for hard power protection with support that aides the collective transcendence of the separate self into non-separation. Right now, NATO has no awareness of the internal war that is the cause of the need for NATO in the first place. This internal war is brought about due to the assumption of a separate self. By healing humanity’s assumption of separation, NATO would make itself obsolete. This should, in fact, be the organization’s goal.

But what I’m suggesting will not be brought about through diplomacy. Diplomacy is always with an other – it is about negotiation and alliance between separate individuals or separate regimes that, in reality, do not exist. Peace can never grow in separation or unreality. So remember this to calibrate what you’re up against:

External peace without the corresponding internals is still war. Internal peace without the corresponding externals is still peace.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: And, therefore, I welcome the very strong commitment of the United States to the security of Europe.  We see this commitment not only in words but also in deeds.  Over the past months, thousands of U.S. troops have been deploying to Europe, a clear demonstration that America stands with allies to protect peace and defend our freedom.  And yesterday, you announced the completion of the ratification of Montenegro’s membership in NATO, another expression of your strong commitment to Europe and to the transatlantic bond.  And we thank you for that.

Michael Richardson-Borne: When you applaud a commitment to words and deeds, at this juncture, looking at the internal state of development of the world, what should this tell you? It tells me that you are either ignorant of, or comfortable with, taking action before you truly know how to be. It tells me you are either consciously or unconsciously aligned with the global culture of separation – able to encourage the religion of autonomous activity while your being is still hooked to the illusion of a separate self. This attachment to being separate is obscuring your vision and judgment to the point where you think you are a proponent of peace when, in reality, you are an activist for the continuation of humanity’s division from itself.

For instance, take your statement about deployed U.S. troops. These troops are not protecting peace and defending freedom as you claim. They are pawns participating in, and protecting, a system built on the assumption of a separate self. They are uniform and uniformed symbols of a legacy that was dead before it started. Trained to other an enemy, to root into a separate self that accepts the label “American,” and to defend a separative idea with their very lives, they represent the needs of a population who has sadly forgotten who they are. True peace and freedom do not need to be defended, held together by force, or fought for to achieve. Authentic peace and freedom have always been the case. If NATO can remember this and anchor into the deepest of these waters, the incite gleaned will straighten out any confusion about the world as filtered through the separate self. War never results in peace. Only knowing the self results in peace and from this knowing arises the potential for the peace and freedom that will, one day, transform NATO into a mature version of itself.

To protect peace and defend freedom, you must first be able to see peace and freedom. You must be able to understand the premise that a world that is not killing one another can still be dead and dying on the inside. Non-separation must become the fabric of society where it makes a priority of teaching people how to take the life of the separate self rather than a perceived other.

Initially, non-separation may not eradicate the need for soldiers – but it will eradicate ignorance. This new-found ability will cultivate a garden where troops can flower into the instinctive non-violence that comes with the realization of non-separation. Only then will they be prepared to protect peace and freedom – because they will be peace and freedom.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: In a more dangerous and more unpredictable world, it is important to have friends and allies.  And in NATO, America has the best friends and the best allies in the world.  Together, we represent half of the world’s economic and military power.  No other superpower has ever had such a strategic advantage.  This makes the United States stronger and safer.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Ask yourself about the difference between strategic unity and inherent unity. Can you make the distinction?

Strategic unity has separation as its foundation. It is based on the assumption of a separate self and includes the familiar motivations of fear, jockeying, competition, power, and greed. As with anything firmly planted in the throes of separation, its nature is one of impermanence – which means it is a mere reflection of something deeper that is living it. Seeing through the reflective presence of strategic unity, and the separate self that is imagining its solidity, will open you to the underlying movement of the inherent. Inherent unity knows its source. Strategic unity is downstream from this source but unaware that it has a dreamed up location.

Inherent unity, on the other hand, is grounded in non-separation – which is an impersonal experience of being that includes the presence of a separate self that understands its relative role as an expression of the totality. Inherent unity is lived from the understanding of a pre-existing oneness that animates all people and nations as a single essence. Having allies is no longer important, or even possible because all relationships are too distant to make sense inside of a world closer to you than your own skin. In a new global culture conditioned by inherent unity, separation is remembered as an archaic concept conjured from the point of view of our infant past.

Strategic unity does not make the United States stronger and safer. Strategy is divorced from its source and always perpetuates separation because it’s under the spell of the separate self. If anything, it is merely delaying the inevitable conclusion of all things that believe themselves separate. However, the inherent unity of non-separation would also not make the United States stronger and safer. Why? Because strength and safety would no longer have anything to do with a concept called the United States of America.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: We saw that after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.  That was the first time NATO invoked our Article 5, the collective defense clause.  Allies sent AWACS surveillance planes to help patrol American skies, and we launched NATO’s biggest military operation ever in Afghanistan.  Hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Canadian soldiers have served shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops.  More than a thousand have paid the ultimate price.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with an other is still separation. Can you recognize this? Self-authorship invents the type of worldviews where standing shoulder-to-shoulder is perceived as real so that the separate self can spend a lifetime living in the shadows to confirm its illusion. The impact of this level of delusion being the standard by which humanity measures itself is heart-wrenching for both the initiated and uninitiated. For the uninitiated, it’s being lost in a world of suffering. For the initiated, it’s offering an invitation out of suffering that is rarely accepted. The initiated know that being an individual on a team with an opponent is different from being what lives the entire team and the opponent.

In the world of separation, death is considered the ultimate price. In a world of non-separation, not knowing the self is considered the ultimate price. The former identifies with a body and attaches specific thoughts and emotions to what is experienced as a self-authoring individual. The latter identifies with what is living the field of vision and considers the self a grand impersonal occurrence to which death does not apply.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: Earlier today, I laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery in tribute to the fallen.  It was a deeply moving experience.  We owe it to our servicemen and women to preserve the hard-earned gains we have made together in Afghanistan.  We were reminded of their sacrifice just this week when a U.S. soldier was killed there fighting ISIL.  Our mission in Afghanistan is a major contribution to the fight against international terrorism.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Gains feel hard-earned when they are perceived as self-authored – a false sense of self leads to sustained feelings of taking on an uphill battle. Self-authoring manifests a life that resembles a pressure-packed timeline aching to be fulfilled, a constant set of gains to first achieve and then preserve. Stressful achieving and preserving is the typical lifestyle of the separate self. But, ask yourself who there is to achieve and preserve these gains. When it comes to war, can the puppets of consciousness, who happen to wear camouflage, ever achieve permanence? Can the confused collective effort of the impermanent preserve anything other than more impermanence? If you can see what I’m pointing to, has it really taken anyone’s personal effort to see things through in Afghanistan? If so, whose?

You see, problems arise when we associate doing with autonomous individuals. Let me ask you something. Has a single step in your life been taken due to a direct decision that you can call your own? Answer this question with clarity and find the solution to what you call the fight against international terrorism – which is just a fight against the idealization of the separate self. This problem cannot be seen unless you step outside of a separative point of view to understand there is nothing to fight against, that we are all being lived by the pre-existing unity that is our true nature.

The harder you push back against these non-state actors, the more you validate their belief in separation. How do we begin spreading the message of non-separation in a multitude of contexts that will be instantly recognized as heart-true by the billions of self-identified people around the world? How do we place cultural artifacts of non-separation in soft-power media channels to impact hot-house locations where terrorists are more likely to be spawned? How do we till the global soil with stories that show the seeds of non-separation taking root? Imaginative seeds that nourish a transcendent ethos where detainment camps teach non-separation rather than torture and all institutions aspire to rehabilitate the self in order to transcend it.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: NATO plays a key role in many other ways also.  All NATO allies are part of the global coalition to counter ISIL, and NATO provides support to the coalition with training for Iraqi forces in their fight against terrorists and more intelligence-sharing. And you are right, we have established a new division for intelligence, which enhances our ability to fight terrorism, and working together in the Alliance to fight terrorism in an even more effective way.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The practice of “intelligence-sharing” needs to be expanded and transitioned to prioritize the means to cultivate a culture of non-separation. As it stands today, all “intelligence” is about monitoring the activities of the separate self in a context that assumes autonomous individuals are responsible for their actions independent of the whole. Working with and as the totality in alignment with the realization of non-separation must become the new point of view for the intelligence community if enhancing the ability to understand international terrorism is the goal. This will require a movement away from solely tracking what is believed to be autonomous action. Securing information on the unreal, in a razor-thin context, will only reveal findings that mirror the internal separation of the people finding it.

The point to remember is that the illusion of separation is not on the radars of today’s intelligence officials. Without this realization, terrorism is set to be part of our world for as long as the assumption of a separate self persists as the agreed upon crux of the global identity.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: But we agreed today, you and I, that NATO can, and must, do more in the global fight against terrorism.  In the fight against terrorism, training local forces is one of the best weapons we have.  NATO has the experience, the expertise, and the staying power to make a real difference, and fighting terrorism will be an important topic when NATO leaders meet in Brussels in May.

Michael Richardson-Borne: When you say NATO has experience, experience in what? Whatever it is, it’s still rooted in the assumption of a separate self.

When you say NATO has expertise, expertise in what? Whatever it is, it’s still rooted in the assumption of a separate self.

When you say NATO has staying power, staying power in what? Whatever it is, it’s still rooted in the assumption of a separate self. Do you see what I’m getting at here?

I agree that training local forces is one of the best weapons we have available. But if this training is not helping them see who they really are so that they, in turn, become citizens of a world being lived by non-separation, it’s a waste of NATO’s time and resources. Training local forces on an ever-evolving strategy of separation will only perpetuate the problem of terrorism. Even though terrorism is an internal problem of identity, the solution will not be lasting if NATO concentrates on shifting the surface features of identity like the separate self stalwarts of religion and nationality. NATO must support local forces to get under these surface features and recognize who they are at the very core of their being. Seeing this core is the only cure to the sickness that is terrorism. Non-separation is always the ultimate medicine.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: The other major topic will be fair burden-sharing in our Alliance.  And we had a total discussion on this issue today.  And, Mr. President, I thank you for your attention to this issue. We are already seeing the effect of your strong focus on the importance of burden-sharing in the Alliance.  We agree that allies need to redouble their efforts to meet the pledge we all made in 2014 to invest more in our Alliance.

Michael Richardson-Borne: When President Trump mentions “fair burden sharing,” he is talking about money, cash. Period.

But fair burden-sharing is not just about money. It’s also about the internal development of our world. Fair burden-sharing is each country’s commitment to disseminating the message of our pre-existing unity with their respective populations. It’s an exploration of best practices in regards to utilizing art and culture, education, and other forms of communication to invite a sudden moment of reckoning for all of humanity as it pertains to the shift to non-separation.

The only burden of a human life is returning to the self – which means the only shared burden is the supporting of one another in this process.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: Fair burden-sharing has been my top priority since taking office.  We have now turned a corner.  In 2016, for the first time in many years, we saw an increase in defense spending across European allies and Canada — a real increase of 3.8 percent or $10 billion more for our defense.  We are now working to keep up the momentum, including by developing national plans outlining how to make good on what we agreed in 2014.  We know that we all need to contribute our fair share because we need to keep our nations safe in a more dangerous world.

Michael Richardson-Borne: You may have turned a corner since taking office. But, based on your words, it was just turning a corner into more separation.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: We discussed many different topics during our meeting today, including the horrendous use of chemical weapons in Syria.  Any use of chemical weapons is unacceptable, cannot go unanswered, and those responsible must be held accountable.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The separative context in which accountability exists holds people responsible for a self-authoring that is not theirs to shoulder. All outcomes are manifestations of the total movement, and couldn’t have transpired any other way. Understanding how this is the case is the peacefulness that comes along with non-separation.

The implications of this kind of realization turn the world of separation on its head. It turns everything you’ve learned is true about human behavior on its head.

In a world whose primary assumption is non-separation, holding someone accountable will be approached from the perspective of the totality where individuals do not exist. Responsibility for chemical attacks will then be a collective response of self-care that may or may not include what the United States recently did – unilateral missile strikes with a mission of taking away Syria’s military capabilities. All decisions will be empowered to arise from the perspective of the whole as held by a governing body whose job is to be of service to a life and world guided by the movement of non-separation.

STOLTENBERG CONT’D: So, Mr. President, thank you once again.  I look forward to working with you to keeping the Alliance strong, and I look forward to welcoming you to Brussels in May when heads of state and government in the Alliance meet there to address the challenges and the need to continue to adapt the Alliance to a more challenging security environment, and to respond both to the need for fair burden-sharing, and stepping up our efforts to fight international terrorism.  So thank you, once again.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Lost in a world of separation, the meetings in May sound like more of the same – an exaltation of the separate self and the global catastrophe this assumption of separation unknowingly creates.

In Brussels, not a single word will be uttered about consciousness, internal development, or the plague of the separate self. It will be chatter about the distribution of money, how to remain separate from the majority of the world, and how to “get the bad guys.”

When will NATO see through to the heart that is living it and join the rest of the world in a collective realization of non-separation?

Revising a Trump & Trudeau Press Conference

The excerpt below is taken from the introduction given by President Donald Trump at a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held at the White House on February 13, 2017.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Prime Minister Trudeau, on behalf of all Americans, I thank you for being with us today.  It is my honor to host such a great friend, neighbor, and ally at the White House, a very special place.  This year, Canada celebrates the 150th year of Confederation.  For Americans, this is one of the many milestones in our friendship, and we look forward — very much forward, I must say — to many more to come.

Michael Richardson-Borne: You’ve lost the Prime Minister to separation from the opening breath. Even in the initial niceties, tribalism dominates your speech and reality is already off the rails for you– a separative amnesia is the rule and everybody in your presence is further encouraged to make an agreement that accepts the brand of division you’re perpetuating.

Notice the implied “us” and “them” in your first sentence. Claiming to be American or Canadian is a tactic of the separate self that further divides you from your real being. Nations are mirages of the separate. Speaking on behalf of all Americans without understanding the entire world is needed in order for any of us to speak is a grand moment of national delusion– a tribal innuendo delivered from a psyche proud of the life cycles of American separation.

Believing in, creating, and protecting arbitrary divisions in the mind is not the true work of a public servant as service begins (and ends) with the understanding of the self. As your wisdom of non-separation matures, taking concepts like honor and friendship and sliming them with the blunt knowledge of separation fades into the unthinkable. Space from the separate self is opened more and more where actions are able to manifest in greater accordance with what is aware of the conceptual world.

In separation, people and nations get reduced to objects in opposition to an objectivized self. The comparisons created in this misunderstanding invite you to select specific divisions and to build an identity around them as if they were real. These false divisions become who you think you are by laying the groundwork for the mind to autocratically interpret what you are and what you are not– leaving life on Earth to unfold as a lived story of the deceived and the divided.

The road to non-separation recognizes the first objectification, that of the separate self. Catching this objectification distances awareness from both treasured and painful memories accumulated over a lifetime of self-absorbed identification. From this alert, assumption-free environment, only one story remains: I am. Seeing that the self is pure unlabeled being and that collections of people, no matter their gender, race, nation, religion, or political affiliation are also collections of pure unlabeled being leaves one at the doorstep of non-separation.

The final switch to flip is the recognition that your “I am” is being lived rather than doing the living as an independent presence. An individual free will may be felt but the understanding is that personal ownership is not yours in the way you previously experienced it. To see this makes one the pre-existing unity of all– which is non-separation, an impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. To not see this leaves one locked in a world of concepts where allies can be confused as separate entities on our side of the table and celebrations can happen to commemorate 150 years of separation.

TRUMP CONT’D: Our two nations share much more than a border.  We share the same values.  We share the love, and a truly great love, of freedom.  And we share a collective defense. American and Canadian troops have gone to battle together, fought wars together, and forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together — which we have.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Who were you before your nation was born? Take this question seriously and you will find that the United States shares much more than a border with every country on the planet. You will also find that, by default, the United States shares much more than a border with every person on the planet. When this sinks fully into your heart to the point of non-separation, you will realize that, at minimum, it’s the collective impersonal being of all people that you are serving as the agreed upon leader of the free world– a title that you see more as a personal acronym than a meaningless stamp on the non-existent.

Building institutions on the assumption of a separate self is building institutions on the unreal. Refusing to debunk this myth of the separate self for the masses keeps you committed to the collective accentuation of the personal which maintains a steady diet for the tribal narrative of nations to feed on. Despite what is dogmatically rendered as a normative existence, the separate self always senses the center cannot hold. This intuition is mental pain caused by the suffering of the personal. Healing this is non-separation where psychological borders are seen as currencies– able to exist only because the separate self believes in them.

The same goes for values, a system of beliefs tacked onto a separate self that becomes ammunition for wars within culture. In the personal, all thoughts and actions are seen as a proving ground transposed against an image of an idealistic landscape that shows the rigid way life is supposed to be. Most times, the attached individual falls short of this imagined perfection, creating more turmoil within a self that is already in conflict with the values of perceived others and the reality of its false existence. It’s a battle inside and out.

Claiming that the United States and Canada share common values reveals that you are still bogged down in this game of comparison and suffering. From non-separation, there is only one value– knowing the self. Without this realization, what you call freedom is its opposite– servitude. Slavery to the separate self can be shared but true freedom can’t because it’s indivisible. When nations focus on their pre-existing unity, an unbreakable bond will be remembered– something far stronger than the separate self can imagine with its dubious dialogues, war-like agreements, and hopeful dreams of interconnections that are inevitably doomed to fail. Celebrating what you call “collective defense” will be disarmed into an honoring of the joke of what was– a pageant of separation where your shadows of compassion were thought to be the sun.

TRUMP CONT’D: In these dangerous times, it is more important than ever that we continue to strengthen our vital alliance.  The United States is deeply grateful for Canada’s contribution to the counter-ISIS effort.  Thank you.  And we continue to work in common, and in common cause, against terrorism and work in common cooperation toward reciprocal trade and shared growth.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What makes the times dangerous is not what you’re pointing to– humans with weapons and extremist ideologies. Those are peripheral flowers that sprout from a contaminated soil. The true danger in the world is the continued foundational assumption of a separate self that filters the moral and creative compass of our society– separation is the ubiquitous garden in which all terrorist minds are grown.

Believing in your separate self is a violent worldview, you’re no exception. Even as your circle of care expands, when the belief in separation is at the core, your drivers are fear and suffering, not love. In your separative relationships, including with the leadership of Canada, the unreal cannot be vital, alliances cannot be produced from the personal, and strengthening anything can only be self-authored in your imagination. Working in common is fine, but not knowing who is working is a problem– it’s separation.

The counter-ISIS effort you mentioned is missing a rigorous internal element. Since you have yet to know the impersonal, the global necessity of non-separation is off your radar. You don’t comprehend that it’s impossible to stamp something out of the external world that is actually inside of you. When will you become as diligent about locating the self as you are about locating terrorists? Rehabilitation in non-separation is the only solution to the violence– there are no shortcuts. It will take all nations and peoples on the planet agreeing to new narratives of the future that come from a different starting assumption aligned with non-separation. It will have to be everybody with a simultaneous recognition of truth and a readiness for the real work to begin.

TRUMP CONT’D: We understand that both of our countries are stronger when we join forces in matters of international commerce. Having more jobs and trade right here in North America is better for both the United States and is also much better for Canada.  We should coordinate closely — and we will coordinate closely — to protect jobs in our hemisphere and keep wealth on our continent, and to keep everyone safe.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Supply the people external means while leaving them internally bankrupt.

Keep the people externally safe (and modestly wealthy) while promoting the foundation of fear and separation to run rampant in their hearts.

This is a business plan of the separate self.

TRUMP CONT’D: Prime Minister, I pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests.  This includes a stronger trading relationship between the United States and Canada.  It includes safe, efficient, and responsible cross-border travel and migration.  And it includes close partnership on domestic and international security. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: What if one of these “shared interests” was an inquiry into the self that included an investigation into the detrimental effects of allowing all of our governmental institutions to be created from and run by the assumptions of the separate self?

Remember that everyone belongs anywhere when consciousness is home. When there are no others, the face of domestic and international security returns to the original face of non-separation. Countering division where there is none will remain the only potential problem. But, this time, wakefully seen, the tides will be turned as those who were formerly enforcers open to the wisdom of how to be lived impersonally as the effortlessly enforced.

TRUMP CONT’D: America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like Canada.  We have before us the opportunity to build even more bridges, and bridges of cooperation and bridges of commerce.  Both of us are committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to our people.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Opportunity is self inquiry.

Prosperity is the realization of non-separation.

Remain committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to your people.

TRUMP CONT’D: We just had a very productive meeting with women business leaders from the United States and Canada, where we discussed how to secure everything that we know the full power of women can do better than anybody else.  We know that.  I just want to say, Mr. Prime Minister, that I’m focused and you’re focused on the important role women play in our economies.  We must work to address the barriers faced by women and women entrepreneurs, including access to capital, access to markets, and, very importantly, access to networks.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Women must first know who they are before their full power “can be secured.”

Supporting women to better navigate the game of separation is not empowerment. It merely changes the scenery of their suffering. True empowerment makes sure women have access to a narrative that points them beyond the separate self.

The barriers women face come from the identities of all genders being rooted in separation. The global human agreement that our lives are lived as separate autonomous entities has created the conditions for sexism to thrive. Leave this separative assumption in place at the foundation of our identity and the war of the sexes will continue indefinitely.

To address this issue, the challenge isn’t access to the money, markets, and networks you mentioned– it’s access to one’s true self. Working with surface features of a separative system is a downstream solution to an upstream problem.

TRUMP CONT’D: In our discussion today we will focus on improving the ways our government and our governments together can benefit citizens of both the United States and Canada, and, in so doing, advance the greater peace and stability of the world.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Advancing peace is illogical as all of the peace that can exist is already here as the natural state of who you are. Being distracted from this natural state leaves you thinking as a separate individual– one who will never experience peace and stability due to the assumption of a separate self and the frenetic obsession with its perceived impermanence.

Your current alignment with unreality will lead you further down the path of unreality which only strengthens the trajectory of division in our world. The only job of a public servant is to notice this– to see the situation clearly. Recognizing the pre-existing unity of all peoples is the most powerful and versatile way to benefit citizens of any nation.

TRUMP CONT’D: Mr. Prime Minister, I look forward to working closely with you to build upon our very historic friendship.  There are incredible possibilities for us to pursue, Canada and the United States together.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: The possibility to know the truth of the self is the only incredible possibility.

In accordance with this, initiate a national soft power display where the foundational assumption of humanity is shifted from the separate self to non-separation.

TRUMP CONT’D: Again, thank you for joining us, and I know our discussions will be very, very productive for the future of both countries. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: Without a single mention of the assumption of a separate self, these discussions are unproductive and are destined to keep both countries exactly where they are– locked in the painful world of separation.

Total neglect of the deeper aspects of identity is a war on our real being– a war against all people and nations on the planet.