Revising Trump’s Rally Speech in Dallas, Texas

The excerpt for this Revision is taken from United States President Donald Trump’s Rally Speech given in Dallas, Texas, on October 17, 2019.

DONALD TRUMP: The do nothing democrats have betrayed our country and that great betrayal is over. We’re finally again putting America first. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: Your accusations of betrayal are pointing in the wrong direction. Instead of looking in the mirror and questioning why your desire is to “do something” in opposition to imagined betrayal, you unknowingly point at a scarecrow of your own making that rests in a field of wheat you believe is outside of yourself. This scarecrow, the source of fear, the true act of betrayal enacted upon yourself, the only instance of betrayal in the Culture of Separation, is an identity story that keeps you, and those around you, fantasizing about being vulnerable independent extractions from the whole.

Can you remember who sewed the flannel shirt? Who placed the button eyes? Who dropped the felt top-hat on a makeshift head? Who bent the red string into a crooked smile? All of these fashion statements were crafted by you, products of your imagination, meant to keep the birds of your true being off of what you perceive to be the most valuable thing you own – your Separate Self.

This Separate Self is a bouquet of dead cornstalks you coronate as the source of your livelihood when it’s just the locus of your pain and habitual venom – a misalignment with Non-separation that is nothing but self-betrayal. Continuing to animate this scarecrow, your lust for force fools you into believing in separative power, starving the birds who hunger for their true nature.

These birds of Non-separation, a perfect symbol for the mass of people who follow your lead, are inviting you to wake up from your separative dream that brokers starvation, that executes buy and sell orders for that which starves the cultural ecosystem as well. By denying your true being, the life you lead against groups of others is one of self-imposed emaciation, you’re locked in a refugee camp kept from the nutrition that only knowing the Impersonal existence of life itself can provide.

What this analogy highlights is in order to put America first, you must discover the identity of who America is from the inside. You must discover how the idea of being American is a scarecrow fooling you into keeping away from a deeper sustenance. To put America first is to find the courage to confront the scarecrow, to make the turn within, to begin the path of re-becoming the Impersonal existence that is Non-separation.

If you take this journey, it will still be an American one – one that reveals the mechanics of the separative stories that impersonally happened to you to make you American. Your journey will reveal the reason why you dried a straw body and placed it in a lonely patch of grain as a symbol of needless isolation.

Since the story of America is what I call a “psychological laggard,” a fleeting mental object observed by that which is before it, it can only exist as a secondary object disconnected from the space that allows the story to arise. Can you locate the gap between the observed, the observer, and that which lives both? If not, ignoring this disconnection is the original betrayal that makes all other betrayals possible. Being blind to this has led you to live in a separative state (both mental and political) – one that has forgotten Non-separation.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: The radical Democrats want to destroy America as we know it. They want to indoctrinate our children and teach them that America is a sinful, wicked nation. You see that happening all the time. And I know it from personal experience. What they want to teach your kids, not good. They come home, mommy, daddy, this is what I learned. And you’re going, oh no, don’t tell me. Let’s get them into another school fast. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: There is nothing radical in the Culture of Separation – Democrats and Republicans are both staunch conservatives participating in the conservation of the unspoken agreement on the solidity of the Separate Self. Radical implies “outside the norm” – and with the entire country firmly entrenched in the status quo illusion of separate autonomous action, any sort of perceived radicalness is just a watered-down version of your Original Story of separation, the “I am.” Changing from conservative “this” to radical “that” can not be radical when both concepts have a belief in separation at their bases. All changes in the Culture of Separation are more accurately called “this” to “this” whether the change in separative story is considered radical or not. Look “under” the word radical and the story of radicalness, and what do you find?

Rather than pressing yourself and others deeper into a dream-world, you can locate the only act that is truly radical in the Culture of Separation – breaking free from the Separate Self and becoming an invitation to Non-separation. How do you do this? First, you must turn within and discover the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a Separate Self. Then, you must uncover the fact that the experience of your Separate Self can be questioned. Questioning the Separate Self puts you on the Path of Non-separation.

Following this path, you will find your life can exist as a question rather than a statement. What happens when stories such as “being radical” cease to be statements that are “stuck” to self-created others and become questions about the nature of separation that these stories “cause?” What happens when a high alert defense of a Separate Self is replaced with curiosity? What happens when constriction reverses course and starts to flow into a larger space rather than simply rolling in a pre-ordained groove?

If you figure this out for yourself, you will begin to understand what it means to be radical. But until we all do this, “America as we know it” will continue to whimper along as a nation duped by the Separate Self. The people of America will maintain the global status quo no matter how they choose to know a country that, at its core, isn’t something that can hold definition. Labeling America from a separative perspective is what makes it a sinful, wicked nation – whether these labels come from Democrats, Republicans, or anything else on the political spectrum.

This is not something you can understand through “personal experience” – personal experience is not the known unless you are aware of it arising in and as the unknown. There is nothing you can know from personal experience other than a carnival act that seduces you away from alignment with Impersonal existence.

Personal experience is the way of not knowing. Impersonal experience is the way of knowing what was formerly thought to be known. Impersonal existence is the movement living the way of knowing. Impersonal existence is Non-separation.

As America functions today, everything our kids learn in school is built on the assumption of the totality of personal experience. At each grade level, all the way up to university and beyond, students are given a new set of glasses – but the existence of the eyes looking through them remains a secret. This is the travesty of American education.

The possibility of teaching our children about personal experience within the context of Impersonal existence is not explored in the Culture of Separation. It is possible to allow the free-flow of the particulars that develop personality without making the conditions that create this personality the totality of their life experience. This possibility is an unknown in American education. The invitation I am making is treated as just another “philosophy” to be thrown into the pigpen of separation to get muddied as a “radical idea.”

Until we can differentiate philosophies of education from Non-separation, the fear that surrounds the indoctrination of our children will continue to be present.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: They want to disarm law abiding citizens. They want to take your guns away. They want to install far left judges to shred our constitution. They want to tear down symbols of faith and drive Christians and religious believers from the public square. They want to silence your voices on social media and they want the government to censor, muzzle, and shut down conservative voices. You know that.

Michael Richardson-Borne: A belief in the stories that define “me” pushes a “they” into the field. It’s like squeezing a banana in your hand. Some of the fruit remains stuck within your tightened fist while the fragments that escape fall onto the floor. By becoming detached in this way, a new story is added to the fragments like “dirty” or “inedible” – which separates them from what once had a singular definition. A “they” is created – they (the fragments) are on the floor, dirty, and inedible.

Believing in a Separate Self is the reflex that squeezes your identity into self and other. What was once whole becomes disconnected from the world around it. Then, you forget that your fist is clinched and live life with this tension of separation as if it’s a given.

So, all that you speak of is a misunderstanding of the pronoun “they.” The perceived immediacy of your experience blinds you by making you forget what is before the immediate – you are confusing “late mental movements” as an undoubtedly whole experience when these movements are actually a fragmentation that produces a fictional “they” for your fractional stories to be projected upon.

The same goes for the pronouns “we” and “I” – they are both products of imagining your personal separation from the Impersonal existence of Non-separation. I is the origin of fear. We is the origin of suffering. They is the origin of violence, a reflection of I and a projection of we – all three of which are shadows of Non-separation.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: If they didn’t hate our country, they wouldn’t be doing this to our country. As an example, we’re building a great wall along the Southern border and it’s going up rapidly. Going up. And you know, five years ago almost every one of them wanted a wall until I came along and I said, we’re going to build a great wall because they could never get it done. Then they stopped the funding. They made it almost impossible.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The great wall was built long ago. But it was built inside of you – a wall that separates you from your true being.

A concrete wall along the Southern border is more about keeping the Separate Self enclosed than about keeping a collection of others out.

DONALD TRUMP CONT’D: But no matter how hard they try, they will fail because the people of Texas and the people of America will never surrender our freedom to those people right there. We will stand strong for family, faith, God, and for country.

Michael Richardson-Borne: The Separate Self cannot surrender something it doesn’t have. Freedom is remembering Non-separation, not protecting a preferred narrative of separation.

It is possible to stand weak for the stories you are peddling – but strength only comes from the remembrance of Non-separation.