Revising a Trump & Macron Press Conference

The excerpt below is taken from a reply given by United States President Donald Trump at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron held at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on July 13, 2017.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well thank you very much, President Macron.  Melania and I are thrilled to join you and Mrs. Macron.  This is a wonderful national celebration, and we look very much forward to it.  It will be spectacular.  Tomorrow — Bastille Day.

We’re honored to be here in your beautiful country — and it certainly is a beautiful country — with its proud history and its magnificent people.  And thank you for the tour of some of the most incredible buildings anywhere in the world.  That was very, very — a very beautiful thing to see. Thank you.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Beginning the conversation by recognizing 3 separate and separated objects (in the wake of assuming a private separate object for comparison’s sake) sets the stage for championing the communication, implied or otherwise, of separation. With your foundational belief in the mind as truth teller and the dominant facet of an individual’s experience, your separative assumption becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and perpetuates the life cycle of a human world stubbornly lost in a context of separative thinking. By assuming the body as your sole locus of lived experience, a psychological division of the total experience is put into effect and the origins of conflict are instantaneously established. No kind of leadership can emerge from this blatant assumption that isn’t just a variation on the well-established theme of separation. By assuming your identity in a separate self, the only destination in which you can lead anything will be, at best, an updated manifestation of separation that your complicitors will laud as real change.

Honoring your respected company by, first, pointing out the impossibility of company, and then honoring them personally as interwoven reflections of non-separation, are the only actions of leadership that may qualify as leadership in today’s world. Making it clear to the populace that what is happening is happening on its own accord is a key point for the global community – self-authorship is a ruse. This doesn’t mean that we are an interconnection of disparate parts or that we are the eyes of a single bystander – both of these interpretations confuse the seer and the seen, the seer and the unseen. Make it known that you are the lived experience of every instant, the pre-existing unity of all objects in the personal field of vision and out. Show them their own reflection and lead our world to uncover the self that is living it.

The same goes for your belief in nations. Acknowledging nations without first laying the context for what a nation is confirms that the separative context of national boundaries should be accepted as the real. When nations are embraced as real, the same dynamic emerges on a global scale that just happened when you greeted your wife and the French first couple as separate objects viewed by another separate object – nations become autonomous entities run by the autonomy of separate individuals which waters the growing layers of division that demand their own preservation. With the anxiety of needed preservation, the friction of separation begins to be imagined and even felt – despite the fact that there are no edges anywhere if you’d take a second to look and truly recognize your felt experience. You gaze as the peacefulness of consciousness but manifest a constant war. How does this happen?

Most humans believe they are not creative. But the creation of the separative-world-system is beyond anything a master of any craft, past or present, could conjure. What the assumption of separation has built is a true work of art that captures the essence of suffering to the bone – it makes the most profound Shakespearean tragedy seem like dusty ink spread on the paper of a generic greeting card.

And so it goes with the assumption of separation and its offspring of things like national holidays and incredible buildings. Proud histories are just celebrations of consciousness – celebrations of the only thing you know and that which is living every scene of what you consider your individual life. Do you recognize how omitting the primary celebration of consciousness in favor of celebrating independent objects creates a chasm that you have yet to cross? Do you recognize that in that chasm, the whole of your world has been built? Can you see that outside of this chasm is your total existence that includes the chasm? Can you understand that the total existence is the face you see in the mirror? The face of non-separation?

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: When the French people rose up and stormed the Bastille, it changed the course of human history.  Our two nations are forever joined together by the spirit of revolution and the fight for freedom.  France is America’s first and oldest ally.  A lot of people don’t know that.  Ever since General Lafayette joined the American fight for independence, our fates and fortunes have been tied unequivocally together.  It was a long time ago but we are together, and I think together, perhaps, more so than ever.  The relationship is very good.

Michael Richardson-Borne: When the French citizens rose up in the center of Paris and stormed the Bastille to free those 7 prisoners, the captives exited the political prison as simultaneous movements of freedom to freedom and unfreedom to unfreedom – there was nothing in between. In separation, they were being held against their will by a royal band of others – they were caught in the noose of unfreedom. They were 7 people who had lost their self-authorship due to the self-authorship of a ruling class. In separation, when released from the Bastille, the prisoners walked into the open air of freedom, dreaming themselves to be individuals taking separate paths of self-authorship. This is the story in our history books, the path of unfreedom to unfreedom – the movement of people from the unfreedom of a separate self in prison to the prison of a separate self in the unfreedom of an assumed autonomous life.

In truth, the prisoners of the Bastille were always free – the bars of a cell cannot hem in the pre-existing unity of true freedom. Before being arrested, they were the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. After being arrested, they were the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. After being released, they were the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. This is the opening chapter that is omitted from all history books – The Path of Freedom to Freedom. The path of non-separation is treated as a footnote in the history books of separation. This is getting the truth exactly backward.

So if, as you claim, the storming of the Bastille changed the course of human history, it was the course of human history that assumes the separate self, the path of unfreedom, the separative history that can be changed by autonomous events, the history that has forgotten non-separation.

In non-separation, there is no human history that is bigger than the truth that underlies it – that is bigger than the truth that is living it. From non-separation, the storming of the Bastille was another marker on the arc of separation. Another dark time happening when separation was the unconscious law of the land. Changing the course of human history will be a singular happening when humanity simultaneously realizes who or what is living humanity – a time when the separate self finally comes to terms with the fact of non-separation and that all else is dross.

Your realization of this pre-existing unity will be both the ending and beginning of history and humanity as you know it. You will see that nations cannot be joined together because nations do not truly exist. You will see that nations cannot be joined by the spirit of revolution because they were never divided in the first place. You will understand that when objects are believed to be connected through surface features and ideas, tribalism is the destiny of a story where love, peace, and unity exist in name and sentiment only. You will understand that freedom cannot be fought for. When you say that French and American fates have been tied unequivocally together, you will understand the deeper truth of this statement. You will ask your fellow leaders to name a country to which your fate isn’t unequivocally tied. You will ask your fellow leaders to name a time when all fates haven’t been unequivocally tied together. When you say that the French and the Americans are “together, perhaps, more so than ever,” – you will understand the confused nature of this comment. You will understand that it is one that requires separation as a prerequisite. You will know that being more or less together is a song of separation – and that the music and lyrics of this song were written by the natural movement of non-separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: This visit also commemorates another milestone.  One century ago, the United States entered World War I.  And when the President called me, he had mentioned that fact — 100 years ago, that was — I said, Mr. President, I will be there.  That’s a big, important date — 100 years.  

We remember the tens of thousands of Americans who gave their lives in that valiant and very difficult struggle.  We also pay tribute to the heroic deeds of the French Troops whose courage at the Battle of Marne, and countless other battles will never be forgotten by us.  More than one million French soldiers laid down their lives in defense of liberty.  Their sacrifice is an eternal tribute to France and to freedom.  French and American patriots have fought together, bled together, and died together in the fight for our countries and our civilizations.

Michael Richardson-Borne: There is only one milestone, and you are it. Failing to remember this milestone and, instead, placing a separated event on its hook, in this case, the entering of the U.S. into the first World War, is a kind of zero calorie bait you are offering to the masses. It may be edible. But it has no nutritional value whatsoever. There is only one defense of liberty and you are it. Knowing this, defense of liberty becomes making sure the true self isn’t forgotten – that the realization of non-separation doesn’t suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs. There is only one experience of sacrifice and you are it. When you understand you are being lived, sacrifice becomes a thing of the past – a non-sensical thought that arises as a remnant of separation. There is only one eternal tribute and you are it. All soldiers are already freedom itself – the swords and bullets, unknowingly, are non-separation living out the mind’s contracted belief in a separate self that can be linked to ideas like nations and allies and separative freedom.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Today, we face new threats from rogue regimes like North Korea, Iran, and Syria, and the governments that finance and support them.  We also face grave threats from terrorist organizations that wage war on innocent lives.  Tomorrow will mark one year since a joyous Bastille Day celebration in Nice turned into a massacre.  We all remember how horrible that was.  We mourn the 86 lives that were stolen, and we pray for their loved ones.  We also renew our resolve to stand united against these enemies of humanity and to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and ideological support.   

Michael Richardson-Borne: Governments and regimes do not independently finance terrorist organizations – the entire system finances them. You can’t conveniently cut out select parts of a whole as if they are outliers from the total act of financing terrorism. Your assumption of separation opens the opportunity to divide the map according to your own impulses, perfect rules for the separate self. But ask yourself: What is the entire system composed of? Is it a conglomeration of external units? Or is it what is aware of these external units that comes equipped with the ability to understand that the external units are not separate from one another or from what is aware of them? Everything is causing everything – dividing out specific causes may be useful in some matters, but it’s never the truth.

Also, you speak about terrorism as if it’s something independent from you. See terrorism for what it is – the ultimate teacher of non-separation. It is not something outside of yourself to be stopped, it’s a severely aggressive pointing out instruction to an impersonal way of being that has to be realized inside of you. It’s the Self pleading with you to straighten out your crooked vision. Whereas the ideals of the United States can be seen to whisper separation, when acts of terrorism happen, the pain of the separate self is screamed at decibel levels that hurt our collective ears. Pain wakes us up temporarily where we have the chance to see through the fiction of separation – but pain eventually, usually quickly, subsides, and the opportunity for using it as the teacher of a deeper understanding is lost.

If you ignore the body when it has a sickness, it will cry with greater and greater levels of pain. If you try to treat a sickness of the heart by going to the dentist, the sickness will continue to get worse. Only by properly identifying the problem can the solution be offered. The problem of terrorism is the foundational assumption of a separate self. Realize this and the solution will naturally arise in awareness.

The way you are currently using terrorism is as a lesson to further entrench separation. Why? Because you have yet to have an impersonal experience in your life. You still live in a world of self and other. You still live in a world where enemies are possible without seeing that the only true enemy is your continued attachment to a separate self. Being stuck on the same wavelength as the terrorists, not seeing that you have a common core issue, you both continue to dance together to the music of separation. It’s difficult to see that the problem is in your own lack of depth and to encourage the internal development of both sides as a real attempt at a solution to terrorism.

Stripping terrorists of territory, funding, etcetera will only strengthen their resolve and fortify the narrative already in place – that you are an adversary intent on othering their way of life. This kind of behavior will only improve their recruiting tactics. Separation breeds separation. Rather than trying to change them, change yourself. Offer a new narrative rooted in non-separation and watch the rest take care of itself.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Today, President Macron and myself discussed how we can strengthen our vital security partnerships.  We just had a meeting with our generals and our representatives, and it went very well.  France has excellent counterterrorism capabilities. The French troops are serving bravely in places like Mali to defeat these forces of murder and destruction.  The United States and our allies strengthen our commitments to defeat terrorism.  

We’re also making tremendous progress.  Earlier this week, with the strong support of the United States and the Global Coalition, Iraqi forces liberated the city of Mosul from ISIS control.  Now we must work with the government of Iraq and our partners and allies in the region to consolidate the gains and ensure that the victory stays a victory, unlike the last time.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Strengthening vital security partnerships consists of offering the path of non-separation to all people so that identity can be lived from a known pre-existing unity. All else is violent action in drag – separation disguised as an empty attempt at partnership and peace. Using US soft power to spread the message of non-separation far and wide (both inside of the country and out) is the only way forward.

Ensuring that a victory stays a victory is separative thinking – it’s exactly how the separate self is treated, as a victory that needs to be protected in order to remain. It’s this false sense of self-authorship that needs defending that leads us into war and destruction, to begin with.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Last week, the G20 leaders also reaffirmed the right to sovereign nations to control their borders.  We must be strong from within to defend ourselves from threats from the outside.  The nations of the West also face domestic challenges of our own creation, including vast government bureaucracy that saps the strength from our economies and from our societies.  

For this reason, I applaud President Macron on his courageous call for that “less bureaucracy” — it’s a good chant — “less bureaucracy,” — we can use it, too — and a Europe that protects its citizens.  We did not become great through regulation.  And in the United States, Mr. President, we also have cut regulations at a level we’ve never seen before.  So we’re very proud of that — over the last six months — but by allowing our people to follow their dreams.  That’s what it’s all about.  To achieve these dreams, however, we must also confront unfair trade practices that hurt our workers, and pursue trade deals that are reciprocal and fair. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: Controlling borders. Defending ourselves from threats from the outside. Cutting regulations. Fair trade. These are all concerns of a mind stuck in separation. Again, these issues solve themselves when the collective assumption becomes the truth of non-separation. Remember, when attached to the commitment of separation, there is no total solution because the separate self is neither looking for nor prepared to find the total solution. From non-separation, one remembers their existence as the total solution – and their very life becomes the example of a way forward, free from the reigns of separation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Both President Macron and I understand our responsibility to prioritize the interests of our countries and, at the same time, to be respectful of the world in which we live.  We live in a very complex world.  We have to respect it.  The United States remains committed to being a leader in environmental protection, while we advance energy security and economic growth.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: To prioritize the interests of your country while being respectful of the world in which you live is the very definition of separation. To prioritize the interests of the separate self while believing there is a world outside of this self that one could be respectful of is the global state-sponsored illusion.

Only the mind is complex. The world, in truth, is very simple.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: The friendship between our two nations — and ourselves, I might add — is unbreakable.  Our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture, destiny, and liberty that unite us.  So strongly unite us, also.  As long as we have pride in who we are, where we’ve come from, how we got here, and what we’ve achieved as free and democratic nations, then there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: Two separate selves are always breakable. Only non-separation is unbreakable.

Although it may be true that there is nothing we can’t accomplish, the key to non-separation is understanding who is doing the accomplishing.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: France helped us secure our independence.  A lot of people forget.  In the American Revolution, thousands of French soldiers fought alongside American troops so that, as Lafayette said, liberty would have a country.  Ever since then, courageous heroes from both nations have fought for the same noble values and the same righteous cause.

Michael Richardson-Borne: So far, nothing has been secured except ever-evolving modes of separative dependence. America is still in the process of securing its independence – which is the same as securing its dependence.

The righteous cause that has been fought for is a means to enact and protect a competitive and strategic tribalism. This brand of tribalism is not liberty. Personal liberty and impersonal liberty have to be understood before one can make this distinction.

PRESIDENT TRUMP CONT’D: Tomorrow, the French Tricolor will once again wave proudly alongside the American Stars and Stripes.  Our brave soldiers will march side-by-side, and we will all be inspired to protect and cherish the birthright of freedom that our ancestors won for us with their sweat and with their blood.

President Macron, thank you for inviting Melania and myself to this historic celebration.  And to you and your spectacular country:  May God bless France and may God bless America.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: The birthright of freedom is the realization of non-separation. Nothing else. May the people of France and America realize the truth of non-separation.