Revising a Trump & Trudeau Press Conference

The excerpt below is taken from the introduction given by President Donald Trump at a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held at the White House on February 13, 2017.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Prime Minister Trudeau, on behalf of all Americans, I thank you for being with us today.  It is my honor to host such a great friend, neighbor, and ally at the White House, a very special place.  This year, Canada celebrates the 150th year of Confederation.  For Americans, this is one of the many milestones in our friendship, and we look forward — very much forward, I must say — to many more to come.

Michael Richardson-Borne: You’ve lost the Prime Minister to separation from the opening breath. Even in the initial niceties, tribalism dominates your speech and reality is already off the rails for you– a separative amnesia is the rule and everybody in your presence is further encouraged to make an agreement that accepts the brand of division you’re perpetuating.

Notice the implied “us” and “them” in your first sentence. Claiming to be American or Canadian is a tactic of the separate self that further divides you from your real being. Nations are mirages of the separate. Speaking on behalf of all Americans without understanding the entire world is needed in order for any of us to speak is a grand moment of national delusion– a tribal innuendo delivered from a psyche proud of the life cycles of American separation.

Believing in, creating, and protecting arbitrary divisions in the mind is not the true work of a public servant as service begins (and ends) with the understanding of the self. As your wisdom of non-separation matures, taking concepts like honor and friendship and sliming them with the blunt knowledge of separation fades into the unthinkable. Space from the separate self is opened more and more where actions are able to manifest in greater accordance with what is aware of the conceptual world.

In separation, people and nations get reduced to objects in opposition to an objectivized self. The comparisons created in this misunderstanding invite you to select specific divisions and to build an identity around them as if they were real. These false divisions become who you think you are by laying the groundwork for the mind to autocratically interpret what you are and what you are not– leaving life on Earth to unfold as a lived story of the deceived and the divided.

The road to non-separation recognizes the first objectification, that of the separate self. Catching this objectification distances awareness from both treasured and painful memories accumulated over a lifetime of self-absorbed identification. From this alert, assumption-free environment, only one story remains: I am. Seeing that the self is pure unlabeled being and that collections of people, no matter their gender, race, nation, religion, or political affiliation are also collections of pure unlabeled being leaves one at the doorstep of non-separation.

The final switch to flip is the recognition that your “I am” is being lived rather than doing the living as an independent presence. An individual free will may be felt but the understanding is that personal ownership is not yours in the way you previously experienced it. To see this makes one the pre-existing unity of all– which is non-separation, an impersonal existence of being that includes the personal. To not see this leaves one locked in a world of concepts where allies can be confused as separate entities on our side of the table and celebrations can happen to commemorate 150 years of separation.

TRUMP CONT’D: Our two nations share much more than a border.  We share the same values.  We share the love, and a truly great love, of freedom.  And we share a collective defense. American and Canadian troops have gone to battle together, fought wars together, and forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together — which we have.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Who were you before your nation was born? Take this question seriously and you will find that the United States shares much more than a border with every country on the planet. You will also find that, by default, the United States shares much more than a border with every person on the planet. When this sinks fully into your heart to the point of non-separation, you will realize that, at minimum, it’s the collective impersonal being of all people that you are serving as the agreed upon leader of the free world– a title that you see more as a personal acronym than a meaningless stamp on the non-existent.

Building institutions on the assumption of a separate self is building institutions on the unreal. Refusing to debunk this myth of the separate self for the masses keeps you committed to the collective accentuation of the personal which maintains a steady diet for the tribal narrative of nations to feed on. Despite what is dogmatically rendered as a normative existence, the separate self always senses the center cannot hold. This intuition is mental pain caused by the suffering of the personal. Healing this is non-separation where psychological borders are seen as currencies– able to exist only because the separate self believes in them.

The same goes for values, a system of beliefs tacked onto a separate self that becomes ammunition for wars within culture. In the personal, all thoughts and actions are seen as a proving ground transposed against an image of an idealistic landscape that shows the rigid way life is supposed to be. Most times, the attached individual falls short of this imagined perfection, creating more turmoil within a self that is already in conflict with the values of perceived others and the reality of its false existence. It’s a battle inside and out.

Claiming that the United States and Canada share common values reveals that you are still bogged down in this game of comparison and suffering. From non-separation, there is only one value– knowing the self. Without this realization, what you call freedom is its opposite– servitude. Slavery to the separate self can be shared but true freedom can’t because it’s indivisible. When nations focus on their pre-existing unity, an unbreakable bond will be remembered– something far stronger than the separate self can imagine with its dubious dialogues, war-like agreements, and hopeful dreams of interconnections that are inevitably doomed to fail. Celebrating what you call “collective defense” will be disarmed into an honoring of the joke of what was– a pageant of separation where your shadows of compassion were thought to be the sun.

TRUMP CONT’D: In these dangerous times, it is more important than ever that we continue to strengthen our vital alliance.  The United States is deeply grateful for Canada’s contribution to the counter-ISIS effort.  Thank you.  And we continue to work in common, and in common cause, against terrorism and work in common cooperation toward reciprocal trade and shared growth.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What makes the times dangerous is not what you’re pointing to– humans with weapons and extremist ideologies. Those are peripheral flowers that sprout from a contaminated soil. The true danger in the world is the continued foundational assumption of a separate self that filters the moral and creative compass of our society– separation is the ubiquitous garden in which all terrorist minds are grown.

Believing in your separate self is a violent worldview, you’re no exception. Even as your circle of care expands, when the belief in separation is at the core, your drivers are fear and suffering, not love. In your separative relationships, including with the leadership of Canada, the unreal cannot be vital, alliances cannot be produced from the personal, and strengthening anything can only be self-authored in your imagination. Working in common is fine, but not knowing who is working is a problem– it’s separation.

The counter-ISIS effort you mentioned is missing a rigorous internal element. Since you have yet to know the impersonal, the global necessity of non-separation is off your radar. You don’t comprehend that it’s impossible to stamp something out of the external world that is actually inside of you. When will you become as diligent about locating the self as you are about locating terrorists? Rehabilitation in non-separation is the only solution to the violence– there are no shortcuts. It will take all nations and peoples on the planet agreeing to new narratives of the future that come from a different starting assumption aligned with non-separation. It will have to be everybody with a simultaneous recognition of truth and a readiness for the real work to begin.

TRUMP CONT’D: We understand that both of our countries are stronger when we join forces in matters of international commerce. Having more jobs and trade right here in North America is better for both the United States and is also much better for Canada.  We should coordinate closely — and we will coordinate closely — to protect jobs in our hemisphere and keep wealth on our continent, and to keep everyone safe.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Supply the people external means while leaving them internally bankrupt.

Keep the people externally safe (and modestly wealthy) while promoting the foundation of fear and separation to run rampant in their hearts.

This is a business plan of the separate self.

TRUMP CONT’D: Prime Minister, I pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests.  This includes a stronger trading relationship between the United States and Canada.  It includes safe, efficient, and responsible cross-border travel and migration.  And it includes close partnership on domestic and international security. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: What if one of these “shared interests” was an inquiry into the self that included an investigation into the detrimental effects of allowing all of our governmental institutions to be created from and run by the assumptions of the separate self?

Remember that everyone belongs anywhere when consciousness is home. When there are no others, the face of domestic and international security returns to the original face of non-separation. Countering division where there is none will remain the only potential problem. But, this time, wakefully seen, the tides will be turned as those who were formerly enforcers open to the wisdom of how to be lived impersonally as the effortlessly enforced.

TRUMP CONT’D: America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like Canada.  We have before us the opportunity to build even more bridges, and bridges of cooperation and bridges of commerce.  Both of us are committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to our people.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Opportunity is self inquiry.

Prosperity is the realization of non-separation.

Remain committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to your people.

TRUMP CONT’D: We just had a very productive meeting with women business leaders from the United States and Canada, where we discussed how to secure everything that we know the full power of women can do better than anybody else.  We know that.  I just want to say, Mr. Prime Minister, that I’m focused and you’re focused on the important role women play in our economies.  We must work to address the barriers faced by women and women entrepreneurs, including access to capital, access to markets, and, very importantly, access to networks.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Women must first know who they are before their full power “can be secured.”

Supporting women to better navigate the game of separation is not empowerment. It merely changes the scenery of their suffering. True empowerment makes sure women have access to a narrative that points them beyond the separate self.

The barriers women face come from the identities of all genders being rooted in separation. The global human agreement that our lives are lived as separate autonomous entities has created the conditions for sexism to thrive. Leave this separative assumption in place at the foundation of our identity and the war of the sexes will continue indefinitely.

To address this issue, the challenge isn’t access to the money, markets, and networks you mentioned– it’s access to one’s true self. Working with surface features of a separative system is a downstream solution to an upstream problem.

TRUMP CONT’D: In our discussion today we will focus on improving the ways our government and our governments together can benefit citizens of both the United States and Canada, and, in so doing, advance the greater peace and stability of the world.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Advancing peace is illogical as all of the peace that can exist is already here as the natural state of who you are. Being distracted from this natural state leaves you thinking as a separate individual– one who will never experience peace and stability due to the assumption of a separate self and the frenetic obsession with its perceived impermanence.

Your current alignment with unreality will lead you further down the path of unreality which only strengthens the trajectory of division in our world. The only job of a public servant is to notice this– to see the situation clearly. Recognizing the pre-existing unity of all peoples is the most powerful and versatile way to benefit citizens of any nation.

TRUMP CONT’D: Mr. Prime Minister, I look forward to working closely with you to build upon our very historic friendship.  There are incredible possibilities for us to pursue, Canada and the United States together.  

Michael Richardson-Borne: The possibility to know the truth of the self is the only incredible possibility.

In accordance with this, initiate a national soft power display where the foundational assumption of humanity is shifted from the separate self to non-separation.

TRUMP CONT’D: Again, thank you for joining us, and I know our discussions will be very, very productive for the future of both countries. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: Without a single mention of the assumption of a separate self, these discussions are unproductive and are destined to keep both countries exactly where they are– locked in the painful world of separation.

Total neglect of the deeper aspects of identity is a war on our real being– a war against all people and nations on the planet.