Revising VP Mike Pence’s Remarks on Immigration

This excerpt was taken from Vice President Mike Pence’s address to the men and women of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement team. The event was held at the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Washington D.C. on July 6, 2018.

VP MIKE PENCE: Secretary Nielsen, Acting Director Vitiello, and to all of the courageous Americans who every day are “protecting national security and upholding public safety,” it is my great honor — at a critical time in the life of this agency — to address the dedicated men and women of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Thank you. 

Michael Richardson-Borne: From the realization of Non-separation, protecting national security and upholding public safety is the equivalent of maintaining sub-threshold violence while simultaneously clinging to the violence of a separate self that guarantees personal identities and divisive systems will exist in perpetuity. One day, you will see that this kind of security is pretend relaxation – you will see that you constantly remain hyper-vigilant about blocking a socially constructed border that must be protected in order to maintain your individual identity, your group’s identity, and your position of power in what your separate self considers the totality of the field of experience.

It’s just like the game children play called “capture the flag.” There are two teams. A line is drawn in the middle of the field of play so that each side has ownership of a territory. Each team is, then, given a flag that they hide someplace in their territory. The goal of the game is to cross into your opponent’s land, steal their flag, and return to your domain without getting tagged – in which case you would become a prisoner that must be rescued.

From separation, national security is an adult child’s game of “capture the flag.” It’s a game of lies based on the ultimate lie of separation. Why must we re-create our childhoods on the global stage rather than cross the boundaries of our minds to capture the flag of the separate self?

From Non-separation, the global adoption of a 16th century European systemic composed of separative sovereign nation-states, flags, and national anthems is automatically turned on its head. With the collective realization of Non-separation, seeing through the European system’s primary assumption, the belief in a separate self, makes our current separative system appear absurd. How can security happen when it’s built on the assumption of personal insecurity? How can security happen when extracting a separate self from the totality is the very manifestation of insecurity? Constructing an identity on top of this manifestation is the acceptance of insecurity as a core tenant of your being. Unknowingly inserting this tenant into all things social is the reason you speak of national security. With the remembrance of Non-separation, a fresh global system would emerge and unfold according to the alignment with the truth of our being. It would unfold according to the located quietness that underlies the conceptual. A system steeped in Non-separation is the self-rightening solution to the paranoia of national security.

Remember, you are free to realize right now that there is not, and never will be, enough security for your separate self and the collection of separate selves you imagine. Remember, there is never enough security for the separate self because it has forgotten the true source of security. Because there is never enough security to ward off unconscious feelings of separation, humanity is willing to go to greater and greater lengths in search of more complete versions of public safety. This is why the terminus of the separate self’s hunt for security, its need for greater and greater amounts of assurance, turns into situations of war, internment, genocide, prison camps, abusive jails, enslavement. This is how far the separate self will go in order to capture its delinquent feelings of insecurity. And it will go even further if the mind shines light on a new atrocity that has the promise of offering perceived riches in the imaginary mines of personal security.

The separate self’s unaware habit is to look outside of the self to perceive where threats exist – threats to power, threats to material possessions, threats to opportunity, threats to family, race, and nation. The list of concepts to protect the self from is virtually endless – which leaves the separate self feeling like it’s in a dangerous concrete jungle, always fighting for its life. This is the destiny of the separate self – thinking it is an equation, but having no idea how the equation came to be. You plug numbers into this equation and assume the solutions it presents are real. Why? Because you have become lazy in regards to interpreting social realities that stem from your own limited identity.

It is lazy to call protection from illegal immigrants “security” (which arrogantly assumes consciousness can be illegal) without first looking at the total system of the culture of separation and getting to the bottom of its most basic assumption. Let me describe how safety and security work from the assumption of a separate self. First, a collection of separative problems are perceived and accounted for in the field of separation – then a collection of separative solutions are put in place in order to combat these problems in preference of meta-outcomes that provide “justice” according to socially acceptable behaviors that assume a separate self. By endorsing this brand of separative security, global culture keeps moving further and further into its pre-ordained division, gaining what is thought of as greater complexity, a more and more rotund bureaucracy that is imagined to offer better solutions. In reality, this bureaucracy is an expression of snowballing separation. It’s a mass of fictional autonomous entities that have removed their separate selves from the true totality while thinking they function in a total world like a collection of marbles filling a finite space. It is not understood that an acceptance of finite space fills the mind with separative beliefs that must protect finite possessions within finiteness. It is important to know that this kind of culture has forgotten the infinite and, hence, bears no fruit because its foundation of separation is rotten from the ground up.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: The truth is, your courage, your determination, your dedication to the law and to the American people inspires me and inspires the people of this country.  At this agency, as the Secretary just described, more than 20,000 patriots stand every day — investigators, field officers, special agents, analysts — each and every day stand for the rule of law in this nation and stand for the interests of the American people.  You step up to enforce our system of legal immigration.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Courage is not the physical resistance of perceived disruption – it’s opening to disruption in order to find the source of disruption. Courage is the nascent framework for love, the sudden reversal that stops the non-sense of separative life and moves one’s heart to get down to the nuts and bolts of being. Courage is the movement of one’s heart that leads to the blessing of determination.

Determination is the drive to locate the existence of the gnawing fiction of your separation. It’s relentlessly following your nose to the cause of your need to follow until it’s understood that it was never you who was determined or following. Determination is realizing that the ability to grit your teeth is a kind of grace that lives itself as the toughness of the body and mind – a body and mind that’s hidden in a lonely cave of separative deception. Determination is the power that walks out of the darkness of this cave into the light of dedication.

Dedication is an always already commitment of the impersonal to your experience of the personal. This realization uncovers the individual fiction written by your mind – it reveals the personal dedication to upholding all vacant laws of separation. The kind of dedication you are championing comes from the outside and moves further into an external illusion in service of the outside. The dedication I speak of moves from the inside and remains inside – understanding that the depth of this inside is living the inside and the outside as an invitation to Non-separation. This invitation is the only truth that reaches the outside as the conceptual equivalent of the inside. Seeing this conceptual equivalence is the final push of the personal that’s needed to reach the precipice of inspiration.

Inspiration is not a feeling of admiration that fuels motivation. It is the courage to be lived as an invitation to Non-separation, the only energy motivation has ever known. Inspiration is the space for cause and effect as well as the quality of space that imagines quantity. Inspiration is the courage to peer through the reality of “American people,” to see the mass of bodies asking you if, in honesty, your body can carry the definitional baggage of a nation-state. They are asking you if, in honesty, a collection of ideas can carry a story being lived into the moment. They are asking if a starred and striped flag can represent your bare heart. They are asking if a style of government can truly rest in your soul, the soul being that which is the life of all governments, all resting, and all asking. They are asking if an anthem can be a tune outside of your awareness, one that represents organized sound outside of your self. They are asking if consciousness can be labeled without giving rise to a rule of law that fails to point the people beyond separation.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: And the truth is, every day — every day, men and women of ICE also confront criminal illegal immigrants who endanger our communities and prey on our most vulnerable.  Our ICE agents are busy every day taking them off the streets.  You’ve fought vicious gangs like MS-13.  You’ve stopped human smugglers, child traffickers, and destructive drug cartels that are poisoning our youth and stealing lives of promise.  You’ve apprehended terrorists who’ve come into our country to challenge our way of life and harm our people.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Consciousness can never be an immigrant or be illegal. That said, the separative nature of the system in which US foreign policy arises makes us all criminal. Not separate, one criminal act of separation is a total act – an innocent incident caused by being in a foreign land and not knowing the impersonal custom underlying the culture. An innocent act of not knowing one’s home and lashing out at what is mistaken as foreignness. Look and you will see that we are all wondering refugees scouring the world for mercy and a home. We are seeking safety and security from the suffering that haunts our every move. We are trying to escape the denial of who we are and where we belong. We are seeking to avoid the crux of what makes our communities appear and manifest as unsafe. We are offering up solutions that are attempts to make separation healthier and/or more palatable as the rules of separative culture. “Living local and thinking global” will not cut it. Racially isolating or hybridizing our communities will not cut it. A completed puzzle of perfect ethnic intersection will not cut it. All of these still wallow in the mud bath of a separative perspective that keeps human smugglers, child traffickers, and gangs in existence – the result being a never-ending confrontation until the truth of Non-separation is remembered.

What you call “our most vulnerable” should be treated as precious stones as they are the crown jewels of pointing to a culture built on the assumption of a separate self. The extraction of individuals from the totality leaves layers of extractions to occur inside a culture that is, itself, a product of extraction. Embracing our most vulnerable, we arrive at the heart of those who have been pushed to the leading edge of extraction. They are pointers to what the separate self runs from. They are pointers to your own fear, your own desperation, your own suffering. These are the true kings and queens of the world – the manifest wisdom that should tell us all we need to know in order to begin aggressively questioning the foundation of our collective existence. These are the souls that are as bright as Times Square billboards of Non-separation that remind us of the shameless marketing of and lobbying for a culture that is stacked on the assumption of separation.

But make no mistake about it, the harm to your way of life was done long ago when a separate self happened to you. The harm was done as you were taught that you were born as an individual into a world that surrounded this individual. The harm was done when you were born into a world where a “way of life” hardened like a footprint in wet cement and became something whose potential change was cause for alarm. The harm was done when consciousness became a target of the constricted and reasonable.

Instead, why don’t we target our psychiatric hospitals for spreading the contagion of the mental illness of separation? Target our schools, from primary to the most advanced, for the terrorist activity of offering only separative curriculum. Target our local and federal government for the corruption of advancing our allegiance to a separative structure. Target our media for ostracizing questions of spirituality and ignoring the global headline that is the natural movement of the whole. Target our military and policing organizations for protecting unfreedom. Target our way of life for obscuring the way of life.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: I want to assure you, as I travel across this country, that the American people know that men and women of ICE are American heroes, that you’re doing an important job.  You’re often doing a dangerous job, and you’re doing it for them. And I want to promise you that we’re going to continue to work to make sure that this agency has both the support, the respect, and the resources that you deserve to do the job that you have been called to do.  The American people support you because they know how important your mission is.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Assurance is an outright lie. Your belief in a separate self and its subsequent concepts cannot make promises of autonomous behavior, as you will not know these behaviors until they are lived into being as the existence of Non-separation. This kind of communication is to mislead the separate self into believing it is real with a guaranteed future – the perfect opium for an organization of people still under the illusion of a separate self.

Being lived as a continuous invitation to Non-separation, your remarks may change to point to the reason ICE is needed in the first place – and how being a hero is questioning the separate self and getting to the bottom of the problem of immigration their lives are committed to. From Non-separation, not understanding that “immigrants” are a reflection of the self, reflections that appear to the mind as apparent expressions of separation, is the definition of unheroic.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: The record speaks for itself.  And it’s a record of accomplishment and security.  Every day, ICE makes America safer and more secure. And every citizen of this nation is better off and safer because of the work that you do. And so today, I want to make it clear to all of you and all of those looking on: Under President Donald Trump, we will never abolish ICE.  And as the President said, we will never fail to applaud and expand, and empower this agency with the resources that you deserve.

Michael Richardson-Borne: Speaking of the impossibility of abolition, in other words, “no death,” is a dream of the separate self. Never failing to receive applause for its personal actions is a dream of the separate self. Getting to imagine a never-ending expansion, an undeterred concept of freedom, is a dream of the separate self. Always being empowered with unlimited resources is a dream of the separate self.

This record of separation also speaks for itself.

VP MIKE PENCE CONT’D: We’re all grateful for your courage.  We’re grateful for the risk that you’re willing to take to uphold our laws and defend our country.  We’re frankly grateful that our nation has men and women of such character and selflessness who are willing to step forward in this cause.

And with your continued service and courage, with the support of the American people, with President Donald Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, I know we will make America safe again.  And we’ll have all of you to thank.

Thank you very much. God bless you.  God bless U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  And God bless the United States.

Michael Richardson-Borne: What you are saying here is “God bless separation.” “God bless an organization and a nation that celebrates the protection of separation to the detriment of remembering your true being – which is Non-separation.”